A Little Night Magic

One of the first things everybody brings up when they think about Miami is its nightlife, and I am no different.  I love Miami at night, and it is not a secret.   Fall is perfect for going out.  Gone is the sweltering summer heat; it is now replaced by light sprinkles of rain and cool breezes.  Gone (for now) are the crowds, and gone is the holiday stress that will fill the air in a few weeks.

Love my view!

Miami nights are magical.  Latin influence runs deep in the veins of this city, making it an evening paradise for us night owls.  The truth is, Miami has perfected nightlife to a T, and that is why it is such a world renown destination.  Yes people come here for the beaches, and the shopping, but let's get real, people (even kids like the ones below in my building late at night) come here to PARTY.

Party Party!
Kids with hula hoops in my lobby.
Part of my going out ritual is of course wearing comfortable yet chic clothes, that can carry me from dinner to drinks in one second. But the true beauty of the night is that in a place so magical as Miami, you  can always expect the unexpected. Whatever you plan will be awesome, but it is those moments that you plan that make this place truly special.

Even when I'm wearing casual clothes I love some BLING!
This ring is like a mini tiara on my finger.
Gorgeous sliced diamonds, white diamonds
and 18kt gold make this one hot piece.

Loving my new shoes from Top Shop, perfect for dancing.
Recently I was going out with a friend of mine to one of my favorite dinner spots, Gigi, when I ran into another dear friend, Sandy.

On that evening, I had selected for going out these pieces.

And she had selected for going out that night these pieces.

Now I have spoken of coincidences before, but this was pure Miami night magic, la magia de la noche if you will.

Me and my dear friend Sandy wearing the same
gorgeous jewelry.

Now this is not the first time I have run into clients wearing my designs.  But I have to say, this was very special, because we were booth wearing the same pieces.  I always say I have a unique connection and relationship with the people who wear my jewelry, and this proves it.  I have such a passion for my work that seeing my friend wear my creations overjoyed me.  Like I said in my post about my friend Caro, great minds do think alike!

Dani K

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