Bling of the Month: Topaz

Happy birthday November babies and a special mention to all my friends in South America and around the world who celebrate Dia de los Muertos, this lovely tradition; I hope you enjoy this time with your friends and family. And just as November brings more holidays and social gatherings, it also brings one of my favorite gems: topaz. 

Exotic black gold is adorned with a topaz solitaire,
flanked by colored sapphires and diamonds

A symbol of friendship, prudence, foresight and love, this fantastic stone is set to give the person honesty and objectivity.  As a talisman it was said to release its wearer of dangerous passions, even used, at times, for diplomatic meetings. As far as healing, this gem is said to chase away insomnia and the "evil eye."  Even though it comes in shades ranging from bloody orange to pink, I personally wear a lot of blue topaz, especially for work as I feel its icy blue color helps keep me cool, calm and collected. 

Topaz is not the only birthstone for the month of November, but it is considered the classic one.  Citrine is the modern birthstone, which I will cover in a later post. Topaz is a very popular stone, and rightly so as it has been that way since Biblical times.  In case you didn't know, it was one of the gemstones used in the foundation of the  twelve gates to the Holy City.  

Celebrity Set.
Gorgeous cluster style earrings in blue topaz, aquamarine,
and of course diamonds.  Both the matching
ring and the earrings are handmade in 18kt white gold.
Topaz is very beautiful and resistant stone.  In the Empire style, it was rather widespread, until citrine took over, making topaz more exotic than ever before. 

Gorgeous and sparkly,  topaz is truly a gem for everybody. The variety of colors makes it suitable for every skin tone and every woman. I also believe it to be a very romantic gem, which I see used very often in custom designed engagement rings.  But more than anything I love working with topaz because it is the stone of optimists, and I cant help but connect with that.  Topaz is a very happy stone, I happen to highly recommend it.

Have a happy November everyone! 
Dani K

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