WWWW: Premios NATPE Miami

Another red carpet this season, and another successful collaboration with Lazaro Cruz and his wonderful team. For this event, which is new-ish here in Miami, we worked on the styles for two Latina, both telenovela queens, the lovely Sonya Smith and the fabulous Felicia Mercado.

Sonya wore a fabulous mini dress completely embroidered in sparkles with a stripedpattern that could have been a disaster if we had not picked out the right jewelry.  Fortunately we had enough time to get her look together and really test a series of jewels, and let me tell you with this sexy little dress it was necessary.

Because Sonya's dress was so busy I decided to go with these fabulous earrings and ring in yellow citrine.  All pieces are of course hand made in 18kt yellow gold and have fabulous diamond details.  The pieces are also very geometric in their design and pick up the lines from the shimmery dress. 

I love working with Citrine because it dissipates negative energies of all kinds, so for me wearing a piece made of this gem is like wearing my own beautiful armor. Citrine does not absorb any negative energies from its surroundings, and can be used to clear unwanted energies since it helps generate stability in all areas, and is good for general protection.  In the mental area, citrine enhances mental clarity, confidence, and will power, as well as helping increase creativity and promote honesty. Emotionally, citrine relieves depression, self-doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings. Because of its beautiful yellow color, this is a stone that brings happiness and cheer to one who carries or wears it.

For Felicia, who wore a sexy red dress by Rosita Hurtado, we went with black onyx and sparkly champagne diamonds to complete her seductive look.  

Her pieces are from my Wanderlust collection, and are very popular amongst the red carpet set because they can go from day to evening easily. Here is a closeup of these beautiful earrings and statement ring. 

The above pieces are inspired by my travels, and all the beautiful places I have been lucky enough to visit.  Both the ring and the earrings are handmade in 18kt rose gold and finished with champagne diamonds and white diamonds. As you know, rose gold  is the ultimate thing for 2013 and it looks gorgeous here with the black onyx. 

Love Always
Dani K

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