Grammy's 2013: The Jewels

Feels like there are so many awards shows lately that I can't even keep up, especially since I have been lucky enough to be able to have my jewelry grace the red carpets.  This week we have the Grammy's, which are fun awards.  It's usually at these low key (if I can actually call it that) music events that the stars really let their hair down.  It is also at these events that the red carpet gets a little more interesting and the jewelry more outrageous. Take a look at my own "awards" for jewelry in the following categories...

Best Overall Look: Alicia Keys

Sometimes less is more, and this is the perfect example of that right here.  I just love the elegance and simplicity of Alicia Keys' jewels.  They have everything you need for a complete look, while still maintaining a fun attitude and a rock and roll vibe.  Her serpent inspired pieces are fabulous and timeless, and are a nod to her snakeskin dress, which is phenomenal in itself.  Alicia's bling by the way is by David Yurman.

Gorgeous "Cobra" statement ring by Daniella Kronfle
 with a peridot solitaire
surrounded by a black and white diamond snake, with ruby
eyes, all handset in 18kt yellow gold

Some of you might already know that I love designing with snakes in mind. This mythical creature has always been a big part of jewelry designs.  I also love, love, love black onyx and diamonds together, so yeah this one is the winner.

Best in Diamonds: Rihanna

Apropos of her song, Rihanna takes the cake for best diamonds, and definitely shines bright like one. Although I hate her choice of boyfriend (I'm looking at you Chris Brown), I love her choice in jewels.  All of them different, every single one of these diamonds are magnificent. From the huge solitaire diamond earrings to the elegant snake ring, all of these pieces make sense together.

Best Necklace:Carrie Underwood

With an amazing price tag of 31 million dollars, Carrie Underwood did not only have the most beautiful necklace at the Grammy's, but also the most expensive. The American Idon alumn wore a necklace that featured 381 carats of white diamonds in pear, marquise and round cuts from the 2013 collection of Beverly Hills jeweler Johnathon Arndt. Must have brought her luck because she did go home with a Grammy for her song "Blown Away".

Best Ring: Sean Paul

A bit unexpected, but rightfully deserved, the award for best ring has to go to Sean Paul who managed to look masculine, classy, gangsta, fashionable, rock and roll and even chic in this simple diamond ring.  In other words, this little double digit ring epitomized the Grammy's. 

Best Earrings: Miranda Lambert

Simply loved these earrings worn by the lovely and charming Miranda Lambert, who incidentally is the only person I think that could pull off such incredible and oversized earrings. Seriously; it takes a lot of guts to wear the heck out of something so bold as the multicolored creations by Kimberly McDonald. 

Best Bracelet: Beyonce

Wearing not one, but two cuff style bracelets from celebrity favorite Lorraine Schwartz, Beyonce not only gets the coveted Grammy, but also gets the award for best bracelet, and really takes it home.  I'm really digging the geometric design and the clear material.  This look is very edgy and modern, but simple, classic and chic at the same time. Well done!

Smoky quartz and black onyx cuff
style bracelet by Daniella Kronfle

If you love this look too, check out my very own geometric inspired bracelet above.  This is from one of my older collections, but nevertheless, is still very current and wearable. 

Edgiest:Janie Mae 

For her gangsta inspired look, I have to give Jannie Mae the award.  This type of jewelry is not my style, but I have to give her props for staying on trend with the rose gold metal necktie.  I do love the brass knuckles. I'm not sure if they are gold or brass, but look out for brass as the new "thing" in jewelry.

Most Overrated: Jennifer Lopez

I usually love your street meets high society style, but sorry JLo but this look is uninspired, and dare I say, even lazy.  I get that she wore 5 million dollars in jewels, but can you even tell?  Although I love some of her pieces, they do not look great together.  In fact, they look awful. The way they are styled makes them look like costume jewelry from Claire's at the mall, and the entire look screams of desperation.  I have plenty more to say, but I'll stop myself right here.  

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