WWWW: Premio Lo Nuestro 25th Anniversary

Last week was a busy week here in Miami because the entire city, myself and my team included, was going crazy preparing for Premio Lo Nuestro  Over the years I have styled such beauties as Geraldine Bazan, Elizabeth Gutierrez and Jaqueline Bracamontes for the PLN red carpet, and 2013 was no different. Because of my experience, Univision invited me to appear on Despierta America and talk about the trends in jewelry and what the starts would be wearing this years.  Here are some highlights.

As you can see we had a lot of fun on the air and I even got to play a little game of guess which is the fake.  I love being able to teach people about jewelry as much as I love for them to wear them. Anyway, after this fun segment it was back to work on the red carpet looks of Premio Lo Nuestro.

The red carpet at Miami's own Premio Lo Nuestro has always been one of the highlights of my work in awards season. This edition of Who Wore What Where? is a very special one because this year Premios Lo Nuestro turned 25, and our fair city (as well as all of us who work these type of awards shows) was super excited to be the host once again. 

But let's leave the entertainment reporting to People magazine.  What I'm here to do is show you the fabulous jewels I was lucky to show off on the gorgeous Claudia Molina, Karol Rosa, Julie Ferretti and Andreina Santander. Today I will show you my ladies in red, Claudia and Andreina, who both had colorful looks reflecting their Latin roots. 

First off is Colombian beauty and Desperta America tv guru, Claudia Molina.  Claudia loved these pieces and really wanted something that would stand out against her beautiful red gown. What we chose was turquoise and coral statement pieces. Since turquoise is a great color to set of red it was an obvious choice.

Her coral statement ring is one of the classic pieces from my Fleur collection.  It is very feminine and delicate, as well as comfortable to wear.  I have worn a similar style with jeans for a meeting, then when with a little black dress for a party, so I can attest that it is very versatile. 

Like this amazing ring, the earrings are also tres chic and tres versatile. They are a perfect transition piece from winter to spring, and the diamonds take them to the next level. Gorgeous!

My second lady in red is the beautiful Andreina Santander, styled by my friend Emilio Uribe. Her long gown had a very different feel and look than Claudia's and was more demure than bombshell.  We went for turquoise as well, but picked her jewelry according to her classic lines and clean design. 

Here she is on her way to the event looking beautiful as ever. For Andreina we went with elegant hoops in turquoise and diamonds. These hoops are a variation from my classic hoops have a decidedly modern feel.  Like I said above, I love the versatility that turquoise offers, with the added freshness and elegance of the color. A great gem, really.

Her ring is also turquoise and diamonds, handmade in rose gold with an abstract design. I don't have an up-close picture of these pieces but I promise I will try go get some to do an update. 

All of the pieces worn this evening are one of a kind and were hand selected by me, and of couse the stars' amazing teams of stylists including the fabulous Emilio Uribe, who I have been working a lot with these last couple of weeks. I love Emilio and his HouseFashionLab, on which I will doing a post soon. 

Love Always
Dani K

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