WWWW: Felicia Mercado

Wearing a very trendy and skin tight sequened dress, the vengeful villain from El Rostro de La Venganza sure made a splash at last week's, People In Espanol Estrellas del Anio.  

Styled by the formidable Lazaro Cruz, the actress wore a dress by one of my favorite designers Rosita Hurtado, and it was full on  glamour. Opting for a short silhouette and long sleeves, the dress was perfect for showcasing Felicia's amazing curves and highlighting her very famous icy blue stare. Here jewels of course are by Daniella krofle jewelry, and were the precise finishing touch for this glamourous dress. 

Outfitting a dress full of beading like Felicia's dress above can be very tricky. You don't want to over do it and you don't want to err in the side of caution.  The diamond jewelry I selected was the perfect counterpoint to the dress and Felicia looked gorgeous. It cold have very easily been a disaster, but I guess that's why they leave these things to experts such as Rosita, Lazaro and me.

Above is a great picture of Felicia that gives you a better idea of how beautiful she looked.  Her jewels were handmade in 18kt white gold and and were full of diamonds, pearls, amethyst and light pink sapphires.  Here is a closeup of the pieces for your enjoyment. 

Notice how the set goes together but is not matchy-matchy.  That is what makes it high fashion versus just plain jewelry. 

The earrings are beautiful drop style earrings in pearls, purple amethyst and light pink sapphires as well.  Both pieces are finished off in my signature diamonds. 

Felicia looked stunning that evening and our fashion risk paid off.  I want to thank Lazaro Cruz and his team of amazing people.  Could not have done it without you!

Love Always
Dani K

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