Black and White is Red Hot

According to Harper's Bazaar, the black and white look is taking over for winter. Considered the height of contrast, and the chicest of trends black and white is not going anywhere. An answer to spring's bright colorblocked hues, the achromatic opposite is a perfect way to take your jewelry collection to the next level, and have more fashion forward pieces in your arsenal for holiday parties and new year's festivities. 

But black and white is not only hot for fall and now winter.  The trend has already been seen at all the spring 2013 shows, and is going strong all throughout the coming year. Check it out.

Designing jewels that are on trend, in addition to the classics I am known for, is a very important thing to me. I often do research and am in the know of all the latest fashion trends.  I love moving forward, and I sincerely believe that staying ahead of the trends and looking towards the future is one of the main reasons for my success and rise to stardom. 

For my black and white pieces I chose white agate and black diamonds. I  have worked with these gems before, but never together until this year, and never with such a dramatic effect.  Take a look at this fabulous "Cuore" pendant from my "Charmed" collection.  The chain is in rose gold, which brings an unexpected femininity to the back and white combination. 

Below is my "Zebre" statement ring also in white agate and black diamonds.  For this piece I selected black gold for that bit of edge so true to the "Zebre" pieces. As you can see, every detail in this piece has been very thought out.  Even the back of the ring has an intricate design, which is not only beautiful but also functional at the same time.  The geometric black gold web has a purpose, to hug the finger and to protect the white agate from impact.  It also lets the finger breathe, as well as allows for the special shape that I have designed.  Without this innovation, the ring would be just a fantasy, as it would not be able to hold itself or any of the diamond 

As you know I always have something to say about the properties of all the gems I work with. Today is no different. As far as magical properties go, agate is the must have protection stone. It protects from stress, from bad dreams and is said to even protect children from danger. It enables the wearer to distinguish between false friends and true ones. It brings prosperity and creates an appreciation of nature.

Black diamonds are also a very special gem with its own set of magical properties. I have always loved the exotic magic and allure that black diamonds invoke, and I have worked with them for years in most of my collections, but, make no mistake. It's 2012, and black diamonds are definitely having a moment. 

I love working on pieces solely made with black diamonds, but I also am very fond of using them as a complementary element in my designs, like I did with these pieces. Take for example the elegant white agate earrings above and below. Black is the perfect companion to any opaque gemstone, because it brings out the smooth nature that most opaques are coveted for, and adds the sparkle and shine element that keeps it interesting.

A lot of people worry that black diamonds won't be as valuable in the future or that they are too trendy. I say, together with the celestial white agate, that they are pure magic. Scientists even attribute to them extra terrestrial qualities because some of their geological material is only found in space and meteorites.  They have even found that black diamonds were formed in a carbon rich supernovae explosion before the formation of the Solar System! 

Hope this post helped you a bit with some ideas for holiday looks and of course presents.  Everyone loves to receive a piece of jewelry and these beauties will not disappoint.  Till next time.

Love Always
Dani K

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