WWWW: Ninel Conde at the 2012 Latin Grammy's

Last weekend the Latin Grammy's took place in Las Vegas, and I had the pleasure of having four amazing women in my jewels.  Pamela Silva Conde, Veronica Bastos, Karen Sierra, and Ninel Conde were the four hot Latinas that graced the red carpet in fabulous gowns and Daniella Kronfle jewels.  

I already did a post on Karen Sierra and her fabulous black diamond look, so today I'm focusing on the lovely Ninel Conde.  Ninel was one of the presenters, so she had two very different looks on this amazing night in Vegas.  Here is her first...

For her unique dress I chose my stunning white diamond hoops, which were very complementary to the color and texture of her sparkly silver gown. Ninel also wore a beautiful black and white pearl ring from my "Wanderlust" collection, which was stunning with the silver dress. The ring is a very modern piece, which also has pink sapphires and 18kt black gold accents. In case you cannot see it, here is a close-up.

This phenomenal ring represents the dualities we all have in our lives.  The black, the white, the good, the bad.  Essentially, when designing this ring, I was thinking of the complementary opposites of the yin-yang. This ancient Chinese philosophy is quite interesting because its mainly about understanding how things work. It's also about how the two forces "black and white" cannot exist without each other.  With this ring I wanted there to be a feeling that the pearls could not have otherwise been, unless they were united by all the elements that make the ring.

With her two dresses and fabulous jewels, Grammy night really belong to Ninel.  In all her green carpet pictures, this beautiful woman looks like she is having the time of her life. Check it out. 

Hope you enjoyed my behind the scenes coverage of the Latin Grammy's. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Love Always
Dani K

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