Designing Woman: Diana Uribe

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is working together with clients to create a meaningful piece of jewelry.  What makes the design process even more special, is when my muse is not only a designer, but also a good pal and artist.  Such is the story of my dear friend interior designer Diana Uribe, a fellow Ecuadorian also residing and working in Miami, and of the "Dionne" ring I designed especially for her. 

My friend and co-founder of Dionne Design and
 DIDA Home, interior designer Diana Uribe
Diana and I have been working together on another special project, my own apartment here in Miami, when we both suggested it was time to take the collaboration further and design an iconic ring for her. Diana has a very unique style and wanted to showcase her brand of funky minimalism in a bespoke piece of jewelry.  The ring also had to speak about her personality, and most importantly commemorate the founding of her latest project DIDA HOME.

Dionne ring stunning in black diamonds, white
diamonds and 18kt white gold.

Diana and I have many things in common, including our belief in a little night magic, and that sometimes, it is only during those after hours that one can dream and get inspired. Since Diana is attracted to the "dark side", it was only natural that when we started thinking of the piece, we both immediately gravitated towards black diamonds. To keep things from getting too intense, and bring out the beauty of the black diamonds we also added bright and shiny white diamonds to the mix, just like a starry night. 

Beauty is in the hand of the beholder
Being friends with Diana, I knew from the start that she is a minimalist by nature.   Like me, she earned her design degree in Italy, so I was able to understand her love of clean lines and beautiful details.  I was also very in tune to her love for beautiful and functional designs, as well as the need for the piece to make a quiet, yet elegant statement.  From my end, I wanted the ring to be wearable and elegant, so I introduced the idea of a classic white diamond band flanked by two ribbons of smaller black diamonds.  Needless to say she loved the idea, and the ring, named rightfully after her alter ego and design studio, was born.

Diana,  wearing her ring for a night
 out in Miami, as Miss Dionne

When I chose Diana Uribe to design my apartment for me, I was happy to work with a good friend.  Her interiors for Dionne Design and DIDA Home are stunning and groundbreaking, even for a city that has seen it all like Miami. They were also a big inspiration for me as well, when I was designing her ring. I really wanted it to suit her personality and design sensibilities.  If you look at some of her work below you can see we succeeded.

Design is all about perception, and Diana's philosophy is that we are all connected and should work together.  After many years working in the field of interior design she has developed a style based on combining tendencies, colors, materials and shapes. If you love Diana's work as much as I do, make sure you check out her websites and www.Dionne-Design
.com. I highly recommend it.

Love Always
Dani K

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