Piece of the Week: The Halo

I usually wait until Friday to share with you the piece of the week, but this week's beauty is just too fabulous for me to hold on to.  Without further ado here is The Halo, by Daniella Kronfle Jewelry.

This angelic ring takes its name from, what else, an angel's halo, which is something my clients have been inspired by for years when they have requests for their custom designs. The loop and the movable features of the ring are also very popular, as are diamonds and rose gold. When I was thinking of key pieces for my new collection, it made sense to design The Halo, as it has many features that are unique and also sought after, all in one spectacular and shiny ring.

I have written about rose gold before so I will just do a little refresher course of the subject. Since it is extremely in demand this year, with no signs of slowing down, there are always many questions surrounding rose gold. A lot of it has to do whether it is gold or not.

Pure gold is always yellow, always. This is because it absorbs the blue and violet light and reflects the yellow and red.  For practical use, pure gold is too soft, so we add other metals in order for us to be able to work with it and make beautiful and durable jewels. This is what leads us to black gold, white gold, and finally rose gold, which is the hottest thing in jewelry since diamonds.

So how exactly do jewelers create colored gold? When they refer to colored gold, they are actually talking about colored alloys, which are added to the gold to make it stronger, for use in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and coins. Even the pure gold color that most people prefer, is really a combination of gold and other metals, usually copper and silver. These are used most often because there is a metallurgical affinity existing within these metals. More interesting to me and my clients, is that they blend well and form jewelry that will withstand the test of time.

But let's get back to the Halo. This gorgeous piece of wondering art is, like the materials it is made from, pretty much designed to be eternal.  Yes, another one of the popular features is its nod to the classic diamond eternity bands as well as the famous Trinity Ring by one of my favorite jewelry houses, the venerable House of Cartier. The pure simplicity of the intertwined circles of gold was firmly on my mind as I created this ring. I have been able to have the same magic effect of making a ring that moves with the wearer.

So far the response to the Halo has been overwhelming.  Fashion publications, and clients alike, love the ribbons of rose gold and diamonds, as well as the fantastic and innovative, almost geometric, design. I wouldn't be to far off if I declared it one of my best pieces for 2012. 

As you can see I can't take my hands off this fantastic ring either.  I try to wear mine every chance I get.  It is so versatile and has really become one of my go-to pieces. Hope you enjoyed this week's piece and continue to come back for more chic jewelry.

Love Always
Dani K

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