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As a small child growing up in Ecuador, there were not a lot of influential Latinos in the world of fashion.  Thankfully that is something I see changing, almost every day, but back then there were only a handful of people I could look up to. One of these was master couturier Oscar De La Renta. 

Oscar De La Renta grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  At age 18 he left for Madrid where he was supposed to study art. Attracted to the world of fashion, hi used his illustrations to land himself a prestigious apprenticeship at Spain's most prestigious fashion designer, Cristobal Balenciaga. In 1961 he began working with Lanvin in Paris, his first real design job.  Two years later he moved to New York and joined Elizabeth Arden. 

After years of gaining experience in fashion, Oscar started his own signature label in 1965 and became an instant success. Women of means could not get enough of his elegant and feminine pieces.  For those who could not own his garments, De La Renta created his first perfume in 1977.  Respected by many of his contemporaries, Oscar has served as president of the International Council of fashion on numerous occasions. 

Through the years his lines have expanded to finally include gorgeous jewels. His partner in this foray into the world of jewelry is non other than French style icon Loulou De La Falaise. Together they have created an eclectic mix of bold stones and beaded necklaces. Their inspiration was faraway lands and what they call "luxurious gypsy".  Here are some of the beautiful pieces...

Their one of a kind designs have been very successful and are coveted by fashionistas from all over. The jewels' crafty bohemian look is quite wearable, and although it might not be the most affordable jewelry line, I'm loving the fearlessness that both these designers have brought to the world of haute jewelry.

After many years in the business, Oscar De La Renta is still thriving.  His consistent innovations and desire to expand and create what his consumer base wants has been the perfect complement for his graceful and elegant designs.  It has been his work ethic, along with his talent, that has allowed him to go so far in the cut throat world of fashion.  Cheers to Mr. De La Renta! And may he continue to design more beautiful things.

Love Always
Dani K

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