New For Fall: Miami Hoops

Happy monday my gems! Hope you had an amazing weekend and are ready to star this new week with a bang; I know I am! For my next couple of jewelry posts, I will be showing you all the hoops that are coming up for Fall.  Today's hoops are my brand new "Miami" Hoops. Take a look...

The city of Miami has brought me continuous joy and inspiration, and even though I have been living here for many years, the fast pace of the city still awakens my creativity. My new "Miami" hoops are a reflection of how the Magic City has come full circle. From the days of Miami Vice to the metropolis I can see it growing up to be, these pieces are a reflection of this playful, yet very intense city.  

Since hoops are very urban and trendy, they are perfect for this tropical city.  Hoops are also a new classic, and a must have for every fashionista or beauty aficionado.  Some of my best clients, as well as the celebrities I style for red carpet events, can't live without a pair of hoops.  They say they would forgo any other piece, but that the versatility of the hoop earring is unparalleled. I happen to agree, so I decided to design these lovely earrings in new combinations of gems and gold. 

I'm showing you the hoops in tsavorite and white gold, pink sapphires and white gold, and in yellow sapphires in yellow gold only because these were the only ones I had left.  These gorgeous earrings also come in elegant rubies and classic blue sapphires.  

Above is a close-up of the Miami hoop in shiny green tsavorite, a fabulous gemstone from the garnet family.  Tsavorite is known to have a refreshing and invigorating effect on the senses due to its vivid, radiant green color. Unlike other gemstones, tsavorite does not need oils or other treatments.  It simply is a piece of pure, unadulterated nature. 

Pink is the color of innocence and fun, so why not show it with these stunning pink sapphire hoops. Delicate and refined, the pink sapphire Miami hoop is also quite special. These handcrafted pieces, are made with the highest quality pink sapphires available. Handcrafted especially for me, they are a great addition to any woman's wardrobe, adding a punch of color, as well as a youthful streak to any outfit.  

Last but not least are my yellow sapphire Miami Hoops.  I went with yellow gold on these because it brings out the beauty and hue of the gemstone. These phenomenal earrings are sure to garner lots of attention because they are quite flashy, however that is not their only quality. Yellow sapphires are one of the most precious stones, and they also bear great meaning and have a huge impact on the wearers life. This gem is recommended for economic prosperity and comforts those particularly engaged in business or industry. 

So that's the story behind the gems and inspiration of the electric Miami hoops.  As with all my jewels, I design them for beauty and of course for function.  I consider that it's very important to be able to really wear the pieces, rather than just admire them or keep them in a jewelry box for special occasions.  As for Miami, my beloved Magic City, it will never loose the capacity to exhilarate and enliven me with new ideas. 

Love Always
Dani K

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