Piece of the Week: Leaf Ring

Happy Saturday my gems!  I had a great week and wanted to celebrate with an amazing ring I just got in.  Take a look...

Above is the phenomenal leaf ring from my upcoming fall collection. Talk about a statement!

The leaf ring is a very special ring.  It was inspired above all by nature and of course the falling autumn leaves in my all-time favorite city, Paris! With expertly laid diamond pavee, it looks like this might be a heavy ring, but it actually is quite light and comfortable to wear. I created this ring because I wanted to use a combination of rose and yellow gold, the two most common colors of the leaves in autumnal Paris. I am so excited, and I am certainly loving this piece.

But why a leaf you might be asking yourself.  Well, historically, herbs and leaves are associated with many magical and healing qualities, just as all the gems that I use in my collections are.  Like gems, leaves are harvested from nature, and have been used as jewelry since ancient times.  For example, Greeks and Romans used to award victors with crowns made of laurel leaves. In the 17th century, bay leaves, which are similar looking to ones on the ring, were said to ward off evil spirits.

Leaves in jewelry are not new.  Botanically inspired jewels and crowns are among the first jewels created, and I have been using them for inspiration since I started out in this business. In jewelry design, leaves happen to be the representation of life, vitality and family trees. Depending on which kind of leaf you use, leaves also represent creativity, success, friendship and even good memories.

This ring is not just full of colorful history and magic; it is also a super versatile piece and a great addition to your jewelry collection.  It is very wearable and versatile, and is a fun piece to wear with jeans or a little black dress.  The two tones of gold complement any skin tone, and the diamonds are always everyone's favorite.  This is why this fabulous creation is my piece of the week.  Till next time! 

Love Always,
Dani K 

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