Get The Look: Anne Hathaway

Before I go on to talk about Anne Hathaway and her amazing looks, I wanted to first extend my condolences to all the victims and their families of the senseless massacre in Aurora, Colorado.  If any of you happen to stumble across my blog please know that I was deeply saddened and you remain in my prayers and that I wish you the best...

Anne Hathaway at the Oscar's in jewels by Tiffany

Anne Hathaway adorably broke into Hollywood a young ingenue and took everyone by storm with her gorgeous looks and incredible acting skills.  Although she has been in onscreen since she was very young, it wasn't until her break out role in 2001's Princess Diaries, that she catapulted to tween stardom; since then she's been in Devil Wears Prada, Rachel Getting Married, and now The Dark Knight Rises.  Even though she was always heralded as am incredible talent, no one ever thought that she would also become a style star.

Reminiscent of classic beauties such as Audry Hepburn, Anne usually goes for elegant but modern looks on the red carpet.  When she walks into a premier people pay attention.  Her gowns are always phenomenal, but it's her wondrous jewels I am interested in today.  Take a look at the earrings in the pictures above.  Not many young people can pull off such a dramatic look, yet she makes it look effortless. If you want to try something like that without the bodyguards and hefty price-tag, here is a great options from my collection that achieves a happy medium. 

Fabulous art deco inspired
imperial topaz and diamond earrings.

The first picture is of her arriving at the Oscar's in 2011, in the most fabulous diamonds by one of my favorite houses, Tiffany.  Below is a close-up of the bling. She also hosted that year and was one to watch since she was going to be settings red carpet trends for years to come.

If this is your style, consider my super chic and elegant art deco inspired diamond choker below.  This 18kt white gold piece is a celebrity favorite and is an amazing and versatile addition to any fabulous woman's jewelry collection.  Take a look...

Anne's bold choices in jewelry are only for someone who really loves it, and wears the hell out it.  Here is another one of her gorgeous looks.  

In this picture she is actually wearing a floral ring very similar to ones I designed in rose gold a few years ago.  Check them out...

Beautiful flower ring in white diamonds,
black diamonds and yellow diamonds in 18kt rose gold.
More rose gold, this time with rose diamonds
and white diamonds.

As you can see in all of these pictures, Anne is obviously very fond of statement earrings.  And she should be.  Her beautiful features and mega-watt smile are perfectly complemented by large baubles. Another one of my favorite earrings on here are these beautiful vintage sapphire and diamond creations she wore to the Golden Globes in 2011. Stunning!

They are very much in the same realm as my gorgeous pigeon's blood ruby and diamond earrings shown below.  I love these earrings because they are the perfect complement to a beautiful evening dress.  Just imagine these on a bride or movie star.  Can you see it?

Take a look at these dangling diamond earrings that she wore recently.  They are to die for...

But don't die just yet.  You can recreate the look, if you like, with these sparklers...

Rubies and diamonds are spectacular in these
dangling 18kt gold earrings.
But don't think Anne is all diamonds and formality all the time.  She also loves beautiful jewelry for informal events.  These earrings are beautiful on her both because of the deep forrest green color and their fantastic shape.  The elongated silhouette is perfect someone graced with a long neck like hers. 

For this look all you have to do is look at the many earrings from 2011' Wanderlust collection, by moi of course.  Here are some of my faves....

Fantastic earrings in turquoise, surrounded by
blue sapphires and accented with diamonds.
Funky and fabulous:
Tiger's eye and pink sapphires are a great combo
Modern Classic:
Turquoise and coral come together elegantly
only to be surrounded by shiny white diamonds.

Although they are gorgeous in their own right, any of the beauties above would be great for looks inspired by Anne Hathaway.  This bright young actress has earned her place in Hollywood's A-List and certainly looks the part.  Lucky for you, my jewels can get you closer to achieving it.

Love Always
Dani K

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