Mad Men: The Women, Part II

Last tine I left you we had just had a look at the styles of three of Mad Men's leading ladies of season 5.  While Joan, Betty and Sally are pivotal to the show, the two most talked about women this season were indubitably Peggy Olson and Megan Draper.

Peggy Olson:

This season we saw Peggy going further up in the corporate ladder, however not fast enough for her.  She is smart enough to  know that in her male dominated workplace, she has gone as far up as she can. This marked a huge change for Peggy style-wise.  Her demure looks, have given way to more modern and male influenced clothes, and her accessories and jewelry have all but vanished.

At the beginning of season five, we do see her wear pearls often, but only on special occasions, or during times where she has thinks she has to feel feminine.  The most notable are the scene where she thinks she's getting proposed to, and then when her mother visits the apartment she shares with her boyfriend, and she feels she has to act the part of homemaker.  

In both these scenes Peggy wears different variations of traditional strands of pearls, as if she won't even give more than one thought to her jewels.  And this season this is true for Peggy, who's main focus is to advance her career, even if it means crossing the gender barrier.  Another reason I think Peggy did not wear much jewels or accessories, other than her un-feminine watch, is because the writers used her as the counterpoint to the ultra-sexy and feminine Megan Draper.

Both women are the same age and have the same job, yet they live completely different lives.  While Peggy is so excited to have earned her a job as copywriter, Megan, also a copywriter, is ungrateful for it since she got the position for basically sleeping (and marrying the boss).  If I wanted to capture Peggy's stark look I would go for a piece in pearls, since that was her trademark this season and probably I would keep it as clean and as simple as possible.

Unique Baroque pearls are adorned by sapphire flowers
and diamonds, set in 18kt gold.

Three of a kind:
Precious pearls in yellow, white and black, surrounded
by yellow and white gold ribbons with diamond detail.

Megan Draper

Don Draper's old secretary is now his new wife.  As far as the wardrobe and jewelry, most of the action this season went to Megan.  And why not, she's a rich young wife, who is into everything that the 60's had to offer.  Her style varies from episode to episode, as she is trying (very much like Peggy) to fit into her new roles through her clothes.

Megan is all of a sudden a society wife, a mother of three, and a working girl.  And she dresses the part every time.  But as the weeks went by, I saw her character struggle to get out of being just jewels and clothes, or even another Betty. When she decides to be "independent" and pursue her acting career, Megan still does not stop her shopping and dressing up, even though she tells her husband she wants to be self sufficient. 

But thank God for Megan.  Without her this season would have been very boring style-wise.  I guess a lot of the swinging 60's is represented by her, the youth culture, the sexual liberty, the openness, and her character really had to shine and express all the changes that were going on in this era.  And shine she did.  Here are some of her more memorable looks, and how to accomplish them with jewels from my collection.

This could easily be part of Betty's jewelry collection.
Art deco style chandelier earrings dripping in diamonds,
and handmade in white 18kt gold.
This piece is fabulous!
Lovely chocker style necklace in diamonds and 18kt gold.

Another 60's trend to borrow is the cocktail ring.
My version is in white agate, pink sapphires set in
black gold, white diamonds, and handmade in
pink 18kt gold. 

Summer's hottest trend!
Lovely white agate is surrounded by
pink sapphires and accented by white diamonds
in these fantastic earrings from my Wanderlust collection.

This beautiful pendant can be easily to be made
 into a brooch like Megan's.
My version is in 18kt pink gold, beautiful coral,
and accented by shiny diamonds. 

Groovy baby!
This 60's inspired pendant is made of cornaline,
rose and yellow gold, and diamonds.
The chain is made of black gold and black diamonds.

Now Megan did leave a little bit of the spotlight to the other wives.  Here are some of them at Don's 40th birthday party, on episode one, where the mood is set for the entire season.

The best jewels at this party were Trudy's earrings.  Simply divine...

They remind me of these earrings I designed a few seasons ago...

Rubies and diamonds make these
spectacular earrings quite covetable.
Set in 18kt yellow gold and accented by tiny
diamonds, there drop style beauties are quite stunning.

Hope you enjoyed my take on the jewels of Mad Men this season.  I'm already worried about what's going to happen to me for an entire year until the next season comes about.  I guess I could spend the time designing some very 60's inspired pieces.  

Love Always
Dani K

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