Get The Look: Rihanna

Weather it be her love life, her fabulous clothes, or her sharp tongue, The Beauty from Barbados is always making headlines.  Always one to watch on the red carpet, Rihanna is always full of fashion surprises. 

Rihanna's love of bling is well documented by the press and fashionistas alike.  I love her style and often get people coming into my store with magazine pictures asking for similar pieces. Being young and hip, The singer usually favors eccentric jewels with a rock and roll edge.  Here are some of her most memorable styles, along with some suggestions on how to get the look.

Whether it be a high profile event like the Grammys or an evening out on the town, when it comes to earrings big hoops are her go to accessory. I happen to be a fan of hoops as well and thing they can be worn with everything from a couture gown to jeans and a t-shirt. Here are three very different choices for diamond hoops which would a great addition to any girl's jewelry box. 

Funky meets classic:
Ombre hoops in black, white and champagne
colored diamonds, set in 18kt rose gold.
More sexy hoops:
These chunky hoops are handmade in 18kt
black gold, and beautiful and slick black diamonds. 

Super chic hoops in baguette cut diamonds and 18kt yellow gold.

Rihanna can also be very demure with her style, oftentimes choosing sophisticated pieces like these beautiful earrings below. When she wore them they were the perfect complement to her red tresses, and subdued white suit.  The simple gold chain barely grazing her neck is an amazing finish to a fabulous look. 

A way to copy this would be of course to wear a white suit or blazer and pair it with these lovely and elegant ruby and diamond earrings from my collection. 

Fantastic drop style earrings in rubies and
white diamonds.  The gorgeous jewels are
handmade in 18k white gold.

The style chameleon, is also a fan of black diamonds and wears them often on the red carpet.  Here she is with a beautiful statement ring in black and white diamonds.  This piece is probably inspired by the knuckle rings in hip hop culture, but with a classic twist.  I love it when street style goes fancy. 

If love the ring above, then you will love my "Serpent" statement ring and matching hoops in black and white diamonds.  With these pieces you will definitely have capture the essence of Rihanna's style. 

Rock ad Roll style:
Fabulous hoops in white and yellow diamonds
go perfectly with my "Serpent" statement ring.
The serpent is hugging a baroque pearl, and is made
out of super shiny black diamonds.
Both are handmade in 18kt black gold.

The last one of Ri-Ri's looks that I love are these lacy emerald earrings she wore a few years back.  The intricate and classic way in which these are designed is simply stunning.  Emeralds are always a great option when thinking about an evening look.  They are and have been a red carpet staple for decades.  Even Rihanna can't resist!

For a classic piece like Rihanna's emerald earrings I would go with the classic silhouette of my beautiful drop-style earrings below.  You will get a lot of wear with these classic jewels, as well as many complements. 

Fabulous pear shaped emeralds suspended by
 diamonds, in 18 kt yellow gold.
Hope you enjoyed my walk through Rihanna's jewelry style.  As you can see she is unafraid to choose pieces that are funky or even too traditional.  I guess her confident attitude is the perfect complement to her natural beauty, and of course to all her beautiful jewels. 

Love Always 
Dani K

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