Focus On: Titanium

When I'm pondering my designs I'm always trying to find new and innovative materials to work with.  Today I wanted to show off these new titanium and diamond earrings I just finished. Aren't they fabulous?

Commercially pure titanium was the first new metal accepted in traditional jewelry making. This element has many characteristics that make it suitable for jewelry.  Titanium is very light, hypoallergenic, and super biocompatible. In many cases, when clients are very sensitive, titanium is the only metal they can tolerate. This makes titanium a very popular metal for wedding rings.

In addition to the characteristics I just mentioned, the most important attribute that this metal has is is incredible durability and high resistance to corrosion, which is one of the main reasons I chose it for such delicate earrings. I wanted them to be durable, yet light at the same time. This high fashion design would not have been possible in other precious metals. Just think how heavy the gold, plus the diamonds would have been!

I love working with the sea as inspiration, and these stunning danglers really fit the bill. Their special color is not by accident. This deep purple enamel came to me while looking at seashells, and the shape of the earrings is similar to fish scales cascading down, except these are sprinkled with, and finished off with impeccable rose-cut white diamonds.

Without new elements such as titanium, these earrings would only be a sparkle in my eye.  I love finding out new trends and innovations in my trade because they always come with a new creative process and ideas.  That's precisely why I've always continued to educate myself in the art of jewelry making and gemology. That's how I keep moving forward in my designs and my career, and most importantly, how I'm able to work with amazing people like you!

Love Always
Dani K

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