A Bit of Italy and Spring Bouquets

Funny-man Robin William's jokingly said once that Spring is Nature's way of saying "Let's Party!"  I happen to agree with this adage, and find so much inspiration in this time of the year and the beauty and re-birth that comes with it. 

Although Spring and the bountiful bouquets of flowers that come with it, was my main inspiration for these two stunning statement rings I'm writing about today, I also thought a lot of my days as a student in Florence.  

On weekends, I took so many memorable trips to the countryside where my love of color was and texture was developed even further.  Spring in Tuscany was just magnificent, and I could not have been more happy there than when the bitter cold moved over, and the rays of hope and warmth came over the land.  

In Miami, it looks like Spring is here and the not so cold weather of this very weak winter is finally giving up.  Outside my window I can already see the brownish hues are turning green, and hear birds nesting and chirping.  Lucky for us that also means beautiful flowers, bright colors and of course new jewels for me to show you!

These two rings here are definitely  inspired by springtime.  The little gem "bouquets" would look fab on any woman's finger, and would be quite appropriate for every occasion.  

The shimmering  combinations of colorful opaque and transparent gemstones makes for a very interesting contrast, while the rounded shape of the ring is a perfect showcase for all the carefully cut gems. When I was designing the settings and picking out the stones, I made sure there was room for diamonds.  As with most of my designs, there always has to be room for diamonds.  After all, they are girl's best friend.  

I love using diamonds since they add to the value and elegance of the piece.  That's why so many of my treasures are so versatile, and can be worn both night and day, and can be formal or informal.  Look at the diamond ribbon detail on the piece above.  It really balances the roundness of the stones, and simply makes the different colors pop.

At the time of choosing a piece, you should be conscious of a few things, but one of the most important ones is wearability. Like I said above, these two rings are quite versatile, and (like with all of my creations) I have designed them to be timeless; if you get bored, you could even easily bring them in, and I could re-design them as a brooch. What's more wearable than that?

Love Always
Dani K

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