Hot Trend: Micro Pave

I few weeks ago, I mentioned I was going to write about the hot new trend in jewelry design known as Micro Pave. Now that the craziness of Premio Lo Nuestro has died down (I'm still working on the rest of the posts for that), I finally have a little time to share with you all I know about this fantastic trend. 

Before I can start talking about the micro pave style of setting, I want to shed some light on pave itself.  For many years jewelers, advertisers and magazine publications have wrongly called any jewelry piece with smallish diamonds, pave.  They could not be more mistaken. 

Pave comes from the French word for "paving."  It is used to refer to jewelry pieces where the diamonds are actually paving a specific metal (in my case usually 18kt gold) surface. The desired effect is to make the surface look as if it were paved with diamonds, which it is!  A good quality pave work is recognized when there is very little metal showing, and all you can see are the sparkly, glittering diamonds. 

While this type of diamond setting goes back several thousand years, this technique, in the hands of a master can result in beautiful designs and a fabulously glorious, glowing effect. 

As far a micro pave goes, this is an even more laborious technique, in which the desired look is obtained by using a microscope. It is often described as the highly precise setting of a very small diamond, in order to get the coveted diamond-paved look. 

Micro pave is very on trend for spring, and yet it remains classic enough to give you many years of gleaming wear, and elegant enough to carry you from day to night. I do recommend if you are thinking of getting a piece, or already have one, to make sure it comes from a high quality retailer like myself.  This type of setting is very delicate, and should be always handled with care.  Cleaning should be done professionally, and inspections of each piece should be regular.  

Now that you know everything about this hot trend, what are you waiting for?  Maybe I'll see you in the store soon.

Love Always
Dani K  

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