Must Haves and More Fun With Martin

Here I am with my friend Martin showing him
my picks for must have pieces.

When my friend Martin Llorens was at my store filming a segment on my new collection for his show, he asked me a great question: "What are the key jewelry pieces that every woman should have?" Well here is the answer. There are several classic pieces or variations of pieces that every Dani K woman should have in her jewelry box.

Chic Pearls:  The standard classic is the strand of natural white pearls as seen above. If that's not your thing you can always have sexy pearl earrings or an elegant pearl ring.  Here is my modern interpretation in both black and white pearls, brand new, from my "Wonderlust" collection.

Who says you cant have it all, when you can have one of each?
Black and white pearl earrings, impeccably
handmade in 18kt black gold and finished in pink sapphires.

Gorgeous black and white pear ring,
in black gold and pink sapphires. 
Diamond studs or hoops:  Either or, every woman should have her ears adorned by diamonds.  Whichever one you chose, studs or hoops, they can both take you from day to evening.
Sexy over-sized hoops in dazzling diamonds,
in 18kt yellow gold.
Daring Cuff Bracelet: which can be very delicate or very bold. The perfect accessory for jeans or cocktail dresses, a cuff style bracelet can really add pizzazz to any outfit.

Sexy and sophisticated cuff in onyx and quarts,
lovingly handmade in 18kt white gold.
Statement Ring and Earring set:  A smart buy because you can wear it separate or together or mixed and matched with your other jewels for changing looks.  I love the look of Tiger's eye, in the earrings and ring below, because it is so versatile. The touch of color from the stones makes it all very wearable, and the diamonds make them effortlessly chic.

Like the women its inspired by, all my jewelry is unique and special.  Pearls or diamonds or cuffs or rings, I believe that every woman should always wear a piece of jewelry. Jewelry can commemorate an event or special memory, and be passed to future generations.  Hope you enjoyed this post on key pieces. Here is the link to that day's high-jinks.

Many special thanks to my friend Martin Llorens for stopping by with his crew. Lots of love!

Dani K

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