Black Magic

I have been hinting regularly on the blog that my fall collection is coming, and that I'm very into autumn.  And that is because I love change.  Change is what excites my creativity and gives me wings to let my imagination fly.  During my off time, I have been doing things that remind me of time spent in Miami, during the fall, when I was a young kid.  That playful vibe comes off very clearly in the new things that I have in store for you this season.

This autumn is all about jewel tones, but right now my favorite fall jewelry trend, which is perfect for Halloween too, is black diamonds! Sexy and mysterious, black diamonds come from Brazil and Central Africa, but their exact origin is unknown and spooky.  Some scientists (yes scientists) say that they come from extraterrestrial sources, and others by direct conversion of organic carbon. I say they come from heaven, because they are a dream to work with.

Who need candy when you have the
DK Halloween House of Black Diamonds?
Sophisticated and modern, black diamonds are not only hot, but they are also magical. Of all the gems, black diamonds are known as the master healers because they not only bring clarity but also break up blockages within the Crown Chakra.  They amplify thoughts, and give courage and hope. I like to work with them, especially when I'm doing a serpent theme because the serpent is also an element known to also bring protection to the wearer.

Two views of my very special and
beautiful bangles in black gold and black diamonds.
Who says its bad to have a black heart?
I say, be still my beating black diamond heart kiddies.
Black diamonds is where its at!
In ancient times diamond jewelry was worn to promote spirituality, ecstasy, and even during meditation. They are considered a magical stone of great power, as black diamonds not only bring the wearer protection but also good luck, strength and reconciliation.  Because of its hardness and association with the sun, black diamonds are also used to increase sexual desire and physical strength.  They are also said to be a harmonizing force in aligning all the chakras, and if placed in the Third Eye, they will help combat mental illness.  Black Magic indeed!

Fabulous black pearl, black diamond and white diamond
"Fiore" statement ring from the Black Magic collection

A hoop for all seasons:
Sexy black diamond hoops and even sexier
black and white diamond mega-hoops.
Here again are the fabulous mega-hoops in
white and black diamonds.  What
a great addition to any outfit.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone.

Dani K

All styling and photography by Gaby Viteri Darczuk

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