Birthday Girl: Madonna

From Material Girl to Birthday Girl, you cannot argue that Madonna is a cultural and fashion phenomenon. In fact, Madonna has done more for plastic jewelry and red string than anyone ever will. But it her haute fashion that she will really be remembered for, and that's why today, on her birthday, I want to do a post on her fabulous style and how to get a similar look.

If I wanted to wear something similar to the look above, I would go for this ring from my new collection.

Make a statement with this gorgeous cocktail ring
in sliced diamonds, white diamonds all handmade
in 18kt white gold.

Perennially dubbed a fashion chameleon, Madonna has had many different looks through the years.  One of her most memorable ones is this one which is very telling of her love for gemstones and fine jewelry, as all she is "dressed" with is jewels.

Another one of my favorite looks on her is the one below, when she was going through her Like a Virgin phase.  The celestial bangles in the picture below (you can wear as many or a little as you want) are a great way to be a little vintage Madonna in 2011. I love that she was mixing diamonds and pearls, even early in her career.  What style!

Celestial Beauties.
Gorgeous bangles in 18kt rose, yellow and
white gold and diamonds.

Another great look of hers is right after she had her daughter Lourdes, when she was going for an ethereally chic look.  Her simple fashions take second stage to the fabulous jewels she wore during that time of her life, where she was experimenting with subtle and feminine looks.  The ring below is very similar to the color palette she wore during this period.

Sexy and Sweet.
One of a kind butterfly ring in 18kt rose gold,
orange and yellow sapphires and super
hot and fashionable slice cut

Madonna has had so many different incarnations, and been around for so long, that a post on all of her different styles would probably take every single one of my pieces.  So here's to you Madge, keep on changing because we will be following. Happy birthday Madonna!

Dani K

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