L'inspiration du Jour: Une Belle Fleur

How is everyone?  I hope each and all of you had a great weekend.  Today I want to talk a little about something inquiring minds always want to know.  For years people have asked me "Daniella, what is your inspiration?"  Well, as far as inspiration comes there are plenty, but I do love to borrow from my environment.  I'm from Ecuador, and I live in Miami now, so one of my muses has always been the colorful flora of these two tropical places. 

Flowers have been present in my life since I can remember.  Growing up in Ecuador it was hard not to be around nature.  Anyone who ever visited or lived in Guayaquil can attest to the incredible flora that surrounds you; it's everywhere you go.  And if this is not your experience, let me tell you, you need to get out more!

As a child, I distinctly remember sitting in the car on my way to a friends house and becoming entangled in a street scene near downtown, where the artisans are hard at work creating their colorful and intoxicating bouquets.

Flowers were indoors too.  My mother always had fresh cut arrangements at our home and her jewelry store.  I can still see myself running around, and stopping to catch that whiff of a gorgeous rose or lily on my way to French class.

Now, as an adult living in Miami, I get my flower fix by visiting flower shows, going to Vizcaya or the Morikami Gardens (Boca Raton), or just browsing in the flower section in the supermarket.  Inspiration is wherever you find it.

Morikami Museum and Gardens, Boca Raton
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami

Flowers are tough and delicate at the same time: two qualities that to me represent a modern woman.  When I look at elements in nature, I see the same iridescence and colors that I see in my gemstones.  Sometimes this correlation is very obvious in my work, like for example my very popular rings that are shaped like flowers, and sometimes it's more subtle, like when I use a color or a shape from nature.

Whether it be classic or modern, flower themes are always current.  Like I said above, I love to borrow from my environment, so it's only natural that I be drawn to leaves and petals and flower shapes.  This, in combination with gems like topaz, sapphires, peridot, and amethyst make for very special and aesthetically pleasing pieces.  

Dani K

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