The Divas of Premios Tu Mundo 2014

I love working with designers and stylists, and this years' Premios Tu Mundo was another great opportunity to work with my amazing team once again, and get our bling on at the "blue carpet."

The first thing to do in an event like this is meet with the stylist and check out the looks they have planned for our red-carpet, in this case blue-carpet, divas and select all of the pieces that could work. Here are two of my favorite stylists to work with Claudia Zuleta of Claudia Fashions and Rolando Fernandez of RFTalent. Here they are at my Miami location, pre-event working very hard...

We go by personality and style, especially if it is someone we have worked with in the past like Gaby Espino, who hosted the awards. Gaby trusts us 100% so she will usually let us select for her. Other times the actual celebrities want to be part of this important process too.  This year  the adorable actress Sara Corrales, came in with her stylist my dear friend and collaborator Lazaro Cruz. Here is Sara taking her time picking out the pieces with Gaby Viteri of our Miami jewelry store.

And here she is having fun with Lazaro and my Rock n Studs ring in the blue sapphire and diamond combination. She really wanted to wear it, but it did not go with her dress. What she chose was amazing though.

After they select the jewels, the celebs go get ready for the carpet. Final fittings, hair and make-up, all of that has to happen before the final jewelry touches. The results were gorgeous though. Here is my first diva, the legendary singer Olga Tanon who went back to black with a rock and roll chic vibe. Styled by Claudia, Olga wore black onyx and tsavorite hoops and a statement ring from my Rock N' Studs collection, also in the vibrant green gem. Look at Olga, always smiling! Love her!

Next in line is newcomer and fresh face Ana Lorena Sanchez styled by Rolando in a youthful purple dress by hot Colombian designer Silvia Tcherassi, who I love. To complete the look, we selected these fabulous handmade 18kt rose gold ombre hoops in different tones of pink sapphire and amethyst.

I am well known for my hoops and these designs are a staple in my collection. I have created them in ombre shades of black and champagne diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires, fire and yellow sapphire, and of course Ana Lorena's version which was the perfect piece for her Tcherassi frock.

Another one of Rolando's divas was the iconic Aylin Mujica. She has also worn our jewelry before, and puts her entire confidence on her team. This year, Aylin wore a custom design by Benito Santos which was a stunning creation. Her Jewels were clean and elegant, as to not compete with the intricate design of the bodice. Here is the final result, as well as a closeup of her earrings.

Last but not least was our little darling Sara Corrales who came with her mom. Sara plays a villain on TV but could not have been a sweeter girl. Here is Sara at the red carpet with her final look, a pair of 18kt white gold and sliced diamond hoops, and matching statement ring from my Sliced Brilliance collection.

SO what do you think of the looks chose for these very talented and beautiful women? What do you think of our jewelry choices? Sound of in the comments or shoot us an email if you would information on any of the pieces you have seen here.

Thank you Gaby, Claudia, Rolando and Lazaro. You guys did an amazing job, and I could not have done it without you. As always, it was such a pleasure working with your amazing talents, and see you at the next red carpet. And thanks to you dear readers for keeping up with us. You are the ones that make all of  this worthwhile. Stay tuned for more.

Love Always

Dani K

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