Claudia Caporal and Yo Soy Poderosa

Many of you already know Claudia Caporal from her stints  as lifestyle expert on Univision or Radio Amor. If you don't, Claudia is a woman of style with an influential voice in the Latin community as well as a good friend of Daniella Kronfle Jewelry, who at her latest event wore some of the new piece of our holiday collection. Here is Claudia at her seminar "Yo Soy Poderosa," in some of our most beautiful jewels.

Representing the modern woman, Claudia spoke to a roomful of women in Miami a few weeks ago and was amazing. She is mother, wife, "jefa de la casa," as well as being a multifaceted woman who plays many roles and encounters many scenarios in her daily life. Her seminar was inspiring as well as enlightening and had an amazing message that I think all women should take to heart.

As you know I am a big believer in the power of women and Claudia is also on the same page. She believes that women should embrace their role in society and take it with grace and lightness, and of course a lot of style.  In her seminars she offers solutions to both big and small  dilemmas that thousands of women face every day. Claudia suggests women take the reins of their agitated lives and helps them, step by step, to take control of their agitated lives, so they can triumph in every role.

When we were approached to accessorize Claudia for her very important and successful seminar, we went to work immediately. Her pieces had to convey her very important message of female empowerment as well as be stylish and bold. For this I chose two pieces from my holiday collection, which are a re-design of two classic pieces from my famous Wanderlust collection. Here they are...

This beautiful pieces are handmade in white agate, orange sapphires and diamonds. The statement ring is a perfect piece because it commands a lot of attention. The earrings are the perfect complement because, they too are very bold and look awesome on stage. Here is Claudia having a blast wearing her Daniella Kronfle Jewelry.

Her honesty and humor have made Claudia a household name, and her talent and skill  have caught the attention of companies such as Procter and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, and Clorox Company, who have associated her products with her image. Working with such an accomplished woman is what Daniella Kronfle Jewelry is all about. We loved supporting Claudia and we love her message. Thanks Claudia for wearing our pieces and doing it with such style and fabulosity. Till next time!

Love Always

Dani K

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