Piece of the week: Perla Bracelet

One of the most stunning and unique pieces I have decided has to be the Perla bracelet. Take a look.

This fabulous piece is a fan favorite because it is a cuff style bracelet that is both classic and modern at the same time.  The handmade 18kt gold and and diamond lace make it classic with a slight vintage touch, while the sleek black pearls keep it modern and fresh. 

Like all of my jewels, this was designed thinking of my materials and the story behind the piece. It is not so easy to find ninteen perfectly matched natural black pearls, so that was a big part of the challenge. I wanted to show them off in an elegant and fashion forward way, so I approached the design with the Dani K woman in mind, someone who is feminine and strong and who is not afraid to wear this with jeans and a crisp white shirt to brunch, or who is comfortable enough to wear it out for a special date in a little black dress. 

The Perla bracelet is incredibly chic and amazingly glamourous. I have been told by my clients that it is a true show-stopper and I tend to agree.  Every time I have worn it people stop me in my tacks because they just cannot stop staring at my wrist.  I just love this piece so much I even designed it also in white pearls, but you will have to wait till later when I do a post on it since I don't have a picture of it at the moment. 

Hope you enjoyed my piece of the week, the Perla bracelet.  This is a truly one of kind piece and is still available. I think it would make an awesome present for mothers day, don't you?

Love Always,

Dani K

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