Ana Barbara at the Latin Billboard 2013

One of the proudest moments in my career was last night, when the famed singer, the queen of grupera music, Ana Barbara wore my creations to host the 2013 Latin Billboard Awards in Miami.

Now , Ana Barbara was not the only celebrity wearing my creations, there was also Gaby Espino, Adriana Lavat, Karent Sierra, Sabrina Seara, and Litzy Dominguez, all of them wearing my beautiful diamonds and gems.  Even though there are not pictures of all of them yet, and I am doing a separate post for them, here are some of the ladies on the red carpet.

Like I said before, these ladies will get their chance.  For today I will focus on Ana Barbara, whore wore this amazing black lace gown for her grand red carpet event.  To complement this look she wore a beautiful pearl and diamond flower statement ring and gorgeous onyx and yellow sapphire drop style earrings from my Wanderlust collection. Take a look.

Here is a closeup of the earrings and ring, which are amazing.

For her duty as host Ana Barbara chose this sexy skin-tight liquid dress, and continued to wear the fleur ring, as well as a second floral ring on her other hand.  with two hands decorated in flower the Mexican beauty looked amazing and ready to rock and roll.

Here is a closeup of one of her amazing ring. 

Ana Barbara chose a very imposing gown for her third look of the evening, so we chose equally imposing earrings.  this was my favorite because it was a very climactic moment in the show.  It was in this gown that she serenaded legendary singer Jose Jose bringing tears to everyone in the audience.  For this very important moment, we chose my watermelon tourmaline and black gold statement earrings, which made an even bigger statement on live television.

What a moment! I still cant believe that my jewelry was there next to Jose Jose, Emilio Estefan and being worn by Ana Barbara.  Check out how pretty they are...

As I look at the picture I keep thinking how can you top that off? Well she did manage to in this wild and sexy gold look, that was smoking hot.  For her curve hugging gold dress we chose perfect gold accessories. Check her out behind the scenes, getting ready for her grand finale.

What a stunning and statuesque beauty she is.  And if you watched the show you saw that she is not only beautiful but also incredibly talented.  In the look above she wore my diamond hoops and continued to wear the diamond and pearl flower rings.  Here are the hoops up close so you can appreciate them.

What a magical night it was.  What a proud moment for me and for Ecuador to be elevated in this international stage and to be a part of something so incredible.  Tune in next week, when I write about the other beautiful ladies on the red carpet and all of their stunning diamonds and pearls and gems. 

Love Always 

Dani K

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