Fabulous Easter Pieces

Happy Thursday my gems! Easter is almost here so this week I decided to show two very special pieces, with two very unique gemstones.

The first one is this beautiful indigo quartz statement ring. The indigo stone is surrounded by complementing diamonds and hand-set in 18kt yellow gold. 

Indigo quartz is one of the lesser known and rarest forms of quartz, so to see it in a big cabochon like this is very special. It ranges in color from dark to light purple, and are only found in very areas in the world. They represent the inner mind while symbolizing tranquility and inner peace.

The next piece is the statement ring above, which is made of beautiful rose quartz, also surrounded by diamonds and set in 18kt yellow gold. Rose quartz is known as the love stone, and said to add more sparkle to your marriage. When worn, the wearer feels an increase their self worth, as well as gentle vibrations of love.

I always try to use special gems when working on my creations. Rose quartz is very desirable in the mineral kingdom because its color is so unique. It also has many healing properties, and the Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians used rose quartz to help guard against aging. They even infused water with it to wash their faces and avoid wrinkles. Like I said before, it is the stone of love and beauty, so it gives inner peace in all matter pertaining to romance.

Both these rings are perfect for spring. Wearing quartz jewelry is known to bring very positive vibrations, and these rings are so much fun they lend themselves to ever occasion imaginable. Since they come in two shades, they also complement any style and any lucky woman who is fortunate enough to have something like these beautiful rings in their collection.

I have to admit these are some of my favorite new pieces. Don't they look just like candy? I wish I found one of these beauties inside my Easter basket. Who knows, maybe you will! I hope you have a happy Easter and Passover holiday with your loved ones.

Love Always
Dani K

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