Piece of the Week: Zèbre Ring

One of my most beloved pieces of all time has always been my famous Zèbre statement ring.  Worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike, this fabulous ring has been a signature piece of mine for quite some time.  Having had it colorful combinations like turquoise, tiger eye and coral, it was only natural that for my Holiday Collection I went with something out of the norm, so here it is my Zèbre in white agate and black diamonds.

As you can see below, every detail in this piece has been very thought out.  Even the back of the ring has an intricate design, which is not only beautiful but also functional at the same time.  The geometric black gold web has a purpose, to hug the finger and to protect the white agate from impact.  It also lets the finger breathe, as well as allows for the special shape that I have designed.  Without this innovation, the ring would be just a fantasy, as it would not be able to hold itself or any of the diamond details.

The Zèbre is really a piece of art you can wear, and take with you everywhere you go. Here is a gorgeous side view of this stunning ring.  The black gold is the perfect complement to the white agate and the black diamond stripes. It really serves as the perfect backdrop for these lovely materials to become one fluid masterpiece of haute joillerie.

Like I said before, The Zèbre ring is one of my most acclaimed designs.  It was even one of my pieces that made the book Jewelry International by the renowned Caroline Childers, two years ago. Because of its nearly perfect design and wearability. The Zèbre has become an instant classic.

Having worn this ring on numerous occasions, I have experienced first hand (pun intended, LOL) what the impact this ring has on people. I have never once worn it without having millions of complements and jealous stares.  Weather I'm in jeans or in a cocktail dress, the Zèbre is always a sweet  sensation. I mean look at it! It is breathtaking. 

For this new version of the ring, I chose black and white because I have been working with this combination a lot lately.  I am usually very colorful in my designs, but there is something mysterious about black and white that adds an edge to everyone when they wear it.  It also goes very well with all skins tones, because the black balances the white without making anyone look washed out. 

Hope you enjoyed the piece of the week, my Zèbre ring.  This true classic has been around and has proven itself to be a very singular piece of jewelry.  If you are ever looking for something that gets you elegantly noticed, this is it. 

Love Always
Dani K

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