Piece Of The Week: Panthers in Love Ring

Happy Friday my gems! For today's piece of the week, I actually have two pieces that make you roar with excitement. Without further ado here are my "Panthers in Love" rings in rose gold and white gold versions.

The beautiful rose gold version above is the first one, and come encrusted in diamonds, both champagne and white, with eyes of ruby to seal the deal.  The white gold "Panthers in Love" is also detailed in champagne and white diamonds, and its eyes are also ravishing rubies. 

This ravishing pair was inspired by one of my idols, the legendary House of Cartier, however, panthers have been in jewelry design longer that people think. When designing these pieces I researched the intriguing myth of the panther in different cultures and found that panthers are considered by most ancient cultures a symbol of ferocity and valor.  The panther is also a symbol of femininity and motherhood, and is associated with the darkness of the moon.

Panthers have long been considered mythical creatures. Of all the panthers, probably the Black Panther has the greatest mysticism associated with it. It is the symbol for the life and power of the night. It is a symbol of the feminine energies manifest upon the earth. It is often a symbol of darkness, death, and rebirth from out of it. 

When the Black Panther enters your life as a totem, or in this case a ring, it awakens the inner passions. This can manifest in unbridled expressions of baser powers and instincts, and it can also reflect an awakening of the kundalini, signaling a time of coming into or reclaiming one's own power. 

All of this panther imagery is very powerful.  I believe it does have an effect on the wearer, like a T-shirt or favorite pair of jeans that make you happy, and that is why I am inspired to work with different mythological creatures in my designs.  

I have worked a lot with serpents in the past, and they continue to be one of my most popular pieces season after season. The panther is no different, and I believe it might even reach serpent levels of popularity. After all, it was the ever popular piece by Cartier made especially for Wallis Simpson that made this creature so popular, and since then, the world cannot get its fix.  Here is a picture of her legendary panther bracelet, which has inspired countless pieces through the years, as well as these amazing rings.  

My "Panthers in Love" rings are not my only pieces with feline inspiration. In the past I have created bracelets, and earrings too, which will be shown in an upcoming post. The panther theme has always been very special to me, and has always been an important inspiration through the years I've worked as a designer.  In mythology, a panther signifies a beautiful woman fiercely guarding her young, so my "Panthers in Love" rings would actually be a great gift for a mother, or grandmother. 

Nietzsche once said that "that which does not kill us makes us stronger." It is this same idea that is awakened in the lives of those who open up to the power of the panther, and in this case, carry it around with them in their jewels. Hope you enjoyed this post on panthers and their myths; I promise I will go into the subject a bit more when I continue with my feline inspiration.

Love Always
Dani K

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