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Another weekend has come and gone and here we are again, on Monday,  gearing up for a productive work week. I wanted to start this week by sharing with you one of my favorite gems this season, along with its folklore and healing properties.  Watermelon tourmaline, which is a perfect a transitional stone for summer to autumn, is what's trending right now...

One of a kind "Electra" earrings in
watermelon tourmaline, diamonds and
sexy 18kt black gold.

According to crystal expert Adrienne Goff, tourmaline has the widest color range of any other stone.   Tourmaline comes in a variety of tones such as black, brown, red, red-violet, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, indigo, lavender, and violet.  Many times you can find several color combinations in one stone. This is the case with Watermelon Tourmaline, which caries both the pink and green color rays.  

Raw watermelon tourmaline

Goff also states that watermelon tourmaline, contains both the masculine and feminine rays living together harmoniously in one stone.  It is the perfect choice for helping us to achieve the same within ourselves.  It is also a fabulous choice for jewelry design because the unique two tone quality picks up the light beautifully.  In these stunning earrings I have created (shown throughout) I actually picked the stone before conceiving the design.  Their look is completely derivative of the watermelon tourmaline and the gradual fading from pink to green.  Look how lovely they are...

I had worked with pink tourmaline before, and was searching for a long time for a variation in color.  I was so excited when I finally found the watermelon tourmaline, because it is a truly unique gem. pink tourmaline is a pure carrier of the feminine ray. It enhances the feminine qualities inherent in all of us: nurturing, receptivity, intuition, allowing, flowing, and cooperation, just to name a few.   Green Tourmaline is a pure bearer of the masculine ray.  It fortifies our masculine qualities, such as ambition, action, passion, stimulation, analytical thinking, and providing.  

My famous pink tourmaline Tiara ring,
in rose gold, diamonds and pink sapphires.

I believe there is an uplifting magic that occurs when you gaze at a high quality piece of watermelon tourmaline. Although pink and green are almost perfect opposites on the color wheel, the two colors come together in watermelon tourmaline and compliment each other in such a beautiful and pleasing way. They do more than coexist, the contrast actually seems to enhance the vibrancy inherent in of each color ray.  The pink shines brighter next to the green, and vice versa.

These earrings a a high drama piece, a true creation of haute jewelry. They are also are the perfect addition to any jewelry box, complementing the well dressed woman's fantastic wardrobe. Their design lends itself to special  occasions, yet they are, if carried with enough confidence, just as fabulous worn with a trendy top and sexy skinny jeans.  

It was lovely sharing with you the story behind my Electra earrings, if you keep up with my writing you know that every piece i design has a beautiful story behind it. Watermelon tourmaline is a wonderful jewel to design with and I know that I'll have more fantastic creations in this gem to show you soon.  Have a happy and safe holiday week and I will see you soon enough.

Love Always
Dani K

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