Behind the Velvet Ropes: Miami Fashion Week

Ever wonder what goes on beyond the glitz and glamour of a world class fashion production? Well this weekend was Miami Fashion Week and I have all the scoop. Today I'm going to give you a little glimpse of what goes on before the models get on the runway, and on the next post I will show you more of the runway ready looks. 

My dear friend and fellow designer Nicolas Felizola,
with his models, pre-show

This year I was proud to present my jewels next to my amazing friend, celebrity designer Nicolas Felizola. His beautiful gowns are the perfect complement to my designs, so naturally we have worked together many times, both on the red carpet and off. This weekend was no exception.

Nico makes some changes:
one of the models' ears was not pierced!
This is what five million dollars worth of
Daniella Kronfle jewels looks like behind the scenes

Nicolas was not only showing a retrospective of his most memorable red carpet gowns, but he was also showing his critically acclaimed Cinetique and menswear evening collections.  

Felizola the perfectionist:
making sure the makeup is just right.

For this he chose a group of diverse models from around the world. There were girls from Spain, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Haiti, and even Kentucky! This only goes to show how the Felizola muse is a global beauty, much like the city of Miami herself.

Lovely Maria from Kentucky!
Nico getting in on the hair action
So much makeup, so little time

As you can see many people are involved in getting the show going.  There are teams of makeup artists, hair designers, chaperons, security and even last minute sewing masters adding finishing touches.

Behind the scenes is a very, very, very hectic place.  Many things are coming together at the same time.  Tattoos have to be covered up, there are last minute fittings to be done, and even hair extensions to be cut. There is also a lot of press at these events, so having to stop your work to do interviews is very common.  

Getting interviewed by Univision
The designer has the hardest job of all.  He or she is the orchestrator of all these players, and has to still pull it together at the very end.  The electricity is amazing, and the excitement only keeps mounting. 

On my next post I will show you the "finished product," the magic of Nicolas Felizola, if you will. But until then here is a sneak peak.

Love Always 
Dani K

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