Animal Magnetism

It's almost Valentine's day dear readers, so I wanted to show you an exotic piece that will inspire gift givers and receivers alike. 

This gorgeous Pantera bracelet is made of 18kt rose gold and is covered in in rows and rows of sparkly diamonds.  The eyes are made of rubies, which are of course red, the universal color of love and passion.  I told you this piece was perfect for Valentine's! 

The panther theme is also very special, and has always been an important inspiration for me through the years I've worked as a designer.  In mythology, a panther signifies a beautiful woman fiercely guarding her young, so this piece would actually be a great gift for a mother, too. In Christian mythology, panthers are known to represent Christ overcoming the powers of evil.  It's said that its tender breath and multicolored coat are also reflective of the many wonderful attributes of Christ. 

Panthers have been very prevalent in jewelry throughout history, with the most famous piece belonging to Wallis Simpson.  Her Cartier bracelet was known all over the world, and rightfully so. It symbolized the infamous love affair she had with the Duke of Windsor, who later abdicated the throne for her. 

Beautiful Cartier Panther Bracelet,
from the Wallis Simpson Collection.

Another famous panther bracelet was the one wore recently by Jennifer Hudson on the red carpet. It is a modern take on the bracelet above, also from the House of Cartier, who are famous for their panther inspired jewels.  Hers was made of white gold, diamonds and sapphires. Look at this beauty!
The feline motif has often been synonymous with devastating seduction, exotic beauty and a mysterious untamed character.  If these are characteristics of your dazzling personality, then this fabulous bracelet is definitely the piece for you.  Have a great week my gems!  

Love Always
Dani K

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