Queen Rania: Timeless Glamour

Born in Kuwait and forced to flee during the first Gulf War in 1991, Queen Rania's early life was much like thousands of other Palestinians. In 1993 she met Prince Abdullah II bin al-Hussein of Jordan at a party and the two were married six months later. Now a member of royalty Rania is oftentimes seen wearing tiaras which I am strongly influenced by in my own designs. 

Rania's youth, royal status and glamorous beauty instantly made her something of an international icon. She was photographed at fashion shows and high-society social events, usually mingling with a beautiful coterie of the global elite. Through it all, however, Queen Rania remained remarkably grounded, using her position to advocate on behalf of a variety of causes she believed to be important.

Queen Rania is a strong progressive female voice in the Arab world and a powerful advocate for education, health and woman’s rights.  Fortunately for us, Rania  is not only an amazing role model in the world of politics and human rights, but also a well known and tres chic trend-setter. I love her style and find myself inspired by her simplicity and charm. These earrings from my “Wanderlust” collection remind me of her every time.

Royally inspired pearl and diamond earrings.

A progressive female voice in the Arab world, Queen Rania became a super powerful advocate for reform in education and public health, the development of a sustainable tourism industry in Jordan, youth empowerment, and cross-cultural dialogue between the West and the Arab world. Perhaps most notably, she worked as an outspoken opponent of the traditional practice of "honor killings," the murder of women by members of their own family for perceived violations of Islamic moral code.

Although today she spends most of her time doing charitable works all over the world and promoting peace and solidarity among Arab nations, Rania always looks put together and her choice in jewelry is always appropriate. Beautiful inside and out, inspiration indeed! 

Love Always
Dani K

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