Ringing in the New Year

Fashion and jewelry insiders are predicting that the statement ring is going to be the hot piece for 2012. I happen to agree, so what could be better than to "ring" in the new year with some fabulous new bling?

A ring for every woman.
I happen to love big rings so much that they have become sort of my trademark.  I never leave home without one of my bold creations. The bigger the better! 
Chase the holiday blues away with this fabulous ring!
Turquoise, blue sapphires, and diamonds,
set in  18kt white gold.
All of these beautiful rings are Daniella Kronfle originals. Fresh off my exhibit at Gary Nader Fine Art, "The Art Behind the Jewels," these are also just some of the pieces in my new "Wanderlust" collection. 
Snow White goes pink!
White agate ring with diamonds and pink sapphires,
handmade and set in 18kt rose gold.
Don't you love how elegant, yet modern these chunky rings are?  I recently wore mine (similar to the tiger's eye one below) when Martin Llorens and his crew stopped by the jewelry store to film a segment for his show.  

Stunning chunky ring in
tiger's eye, green garnets and diamonds.
Handmade in 18kt rose gold.

Last but certainly never least.
Black onyx, and white diamonds,
beautifully set in 18kt gold.
If you love the look but are a little afraid of something quite so bold, don't be discouraged. If you are petite or think that the rings above are too overpowering on your delicate hand, I have also designed rings that are a tad smaller, and easier to wear, without sacrificing the look of a stylish, chunky, bold ring. 
A perfectly pink trio!
Black onyx, pink quartz and turquoise.

Pink quartz surrounded by sparkly
black and white diamonds,
handmade in 18kt white gold.

Once you go black, you never come back.
Onyx, pink sapphires, and white diamonds,
set in 18kt white gold.

A vision in turquoise.
This version in yellow gold, pink sapphires,
and sexy diamonds.
I love history, so it's very interesting to me that rings only became a popular accessory during Medieval times. All classes of people wore rings. Rings were typically made of iron, copper, silver, and gold. The material of the ring worn usually indicated the class of the wearer. It wasn't until around the 14th century that faceted jewels (like the topaz in the ring below) appeared in rings.  

"Dauphin" ring in 18kt black gold,
black diamonds, and solitaire
blue topaz, with white diamond details.

Some cultures have rings typically associated with them. Cultures such as Native Americans use silver and turquoise in their jewelry. Early Christians used the Greek symbol, the Icthus, which resembles a fish. History and legends have always been an inspiration of mine, as well as a passion.  The ring above was inspired by the very noble dolphin and its magical mythology.  According to historians, dolphins were traditionally known as helpers of humankind and the messenger of Poseidon.

Be Art Smart.
Stunning tiger's eye ring, with encrusted
diamond details, set in 18kt rose gold.
But history is not the only thing I think about when I am designing my rings. Like I said before, when I am designing I think of every woman.  The rings above represent very different styles of the statement ring. The black diamond one on the top is all about the bling, while the tiger's eye one below it, is like a small piece of wearable art. Two very different rings, one fantastic look to ring in the new year!

Cheers Everyone!
Dani K

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