Work and Other Exciting Things

Like I said yesterday, summer is over. Done. Finito. And with that I'm so happy to welcome fall into my life.  But fall is also the beginning of my busiest and most exciting time of the year, and this present trip to Ecuador marks the start of it. In the next couple of months I have so much going on, new collection, traveling trunk shows, holiday season, the cover of Fucsia magazine to name a few.  Let me share with you a behind the scenes picture of me getting ready for the photo shoot for the cover of Fucsia.

Anyway I'm so happy to be working in my hometown of Guayaquil at the moment, savoring the beautiful scenery and reveling in my family and friends.  (Thank you all by the way), but I'm also excited to return to Miami and get back to my new fall collection, which I will be premiering here on Dani K Style very, very soon. Stay tuned!

Dani K

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