Bye Bye Verano and Texture in Design

Sadly Summer is over, but as we move into fall, I wanted to leave you with some inspiration pictures I took while traveling.  I love the sea, with it's serene blues and salty air.  I also love seashells because they can really show one of my favorite design elements: texture.

Texture is one of the more subtle design elements, and is very important when imagining anything.  In jewelry, it's important because jewels are not only very close to a woman's body, but also because texture helps to make something appealing to the eye.  A beautiful texture equals a beautiful piece of jewelry.  

You can see from the picture above that all surfaces have texture.  Often this term is misused to refer only to rough surfaces, but texture can range from polished to very rough.  Texture can make a piece more interesting and change the look of a particular gemstone.  Texture affects people in unique ways, so as as designer I have to keep this in mind when I'm getting ready to create a a new piece of jewelry.  Here are some examples of different textures.

A beautiful and textural statement:
Amethyst, rose quartz and diamond bracelet in
18kt white gold.
The cool sapphires and diamonds offer the perfect texture
for these fabulous chandelier style earrings.

Texture can be both visual and tactile. The textures above are obviously smooth, and both pleasing to the eye and the touch, but texture can also be a bit more interesting.  Below are examples of the tension that can be created in a a piece by mixing both smooth and rough, and glossy and matte textures. 

The smooth and round white agatha is a great contrast
 for the sparkly and angular diamonds in this
fabulous 18kt white gold ring. 
What an amazing mixture of texture!
Silky black onyx vs. textured blue
sapphires equals wearable perfection in 18 kt gold.
The roughness of diamonds brings out the loveliness of the
milky quartz.  Gorgeous ring in mint quartz, diamonds and
18kt yellow gold. To die for!

Mixing textures creates a contrast, which is the juxtasition of opossing elements.  The pearls in the earrings below is a perfect example of how two opposing textures can come together to for something spectacular and very pleasing to both the eye and the touch.  In other words, the angular diamonds bring out the roundness and suppleness of the pearl, while the spherical pearls bring out the cut of the diamonds.

More fun textures!
Lovely earrings in black Tahitian pearls, diamonds, and
18kt gold.  Handmade and beautiufl as always.

Texture is one of six elements of design that include: line, shape, direction, size, and color. These are essentially the building blocks of any work of art.  Texture is used to add character to a piece and, even though it oftentimes plays a supporting role in design, when it comes to jewelry it is essential.  For me it supports the message I'm trying to convey in every piece I make.  Hope you enjoyed this informative post.  Keep tuning in!

Dani K

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