A Perfect Piece: Form and Function

They say the pearl is the queen of the gems and the gem of the queens.  I happen to agree with this saying and love to use pearls in my jewelry designs. They are so versatile and timeless that I chose them to design this special piece.

The pearl necklace above is one of my all time favorite pieces.   I designed it with a very special purpose in mind.  I didn't just want this to be a beautiful necklace;  I wanted this piece to have multiple uses, so that it would not be limited in itself to a certain occasion or outfit.  I wanted form to follow function, and I wanted to be innovative, chic and elegant at the same time.

Like I said before, pearls were the perfect starting point.  Two perfect strands of white South Sea pearls to be exact.  Then I chose diamonds of course, as they are, and will always be a girls' best friend.  The last "ingredient" to my perfect piece was  beautiful, polished rock crystal.   What could be better than such clean, and crisp raw materials?  Well the actual design of the pieces!  Inspired by such beautiful things, I designed these three components for my multi-use necklace, my perfect piece.

So above are the three components of the necklace, which can be worn three different ways.  There is the pearl strand, the "diamond pearl" and the diamond and rock crystal accessory.   First, it can be worn as a single strand of pearls. Classic!

Second, It can be worn as a strand of pearls with a "diamond pearl" for added chicness an elegance.  All the wearer would have to do is find the place where the pearls are bound together in a screw-like system, handmade of course in 18kt gold.  Once the pearl necklace is separated it looks like this.

After they are separated you locate the diamond sphere and unite both ends of the strand of peals with the diamond pearl at the end.  It's amazing how much a piece of jewelry can be versatile with just putting in a bit of extra thought during the design process. 

After a little work, Voila!. The end result is a stunning pearl necklace with a "diamond pearl" accent for a different, yet still very elegant look.

The third way to wear this necklace is by adding the actual piece de resistance, the diamond and rock crystal eternity circle, making it an extra stylish piece to wear on a fun evening out.  This design, the eternity circle and the bursts of diamonds, was inspired by the Art Deco movement.  I actually wore this version of the necklace while out dancing in Capri on my birthday.  This extra piece is also added using the unique system above.

Look at the end result.  Isn't it stunning?  I absolutely adore this necklace, and I do consider it a perfect piece.  The harmony of the classic materials, the modern design and its many useful and stylish ways make it something worth admiring and sharing with you.  Until next time!

Dani K

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