Ciao Italia!

As far as summer destinations go, Italy is just amazing. During the hotter months I love to visit Capri and Positano.  Since these locales are so beautiful I cant possibly cover them in one post so I'm only going to try to do justice only to my beloved Capri today.  Enjoy!

As you can see by the pictures above, Capri is breathtakingly beautiful. You can go up to the main square, have a drink and then walk to the other side of the Island and look down from observation areas. You can bus over to Anacapri for spectacular views of Fragliani. It is very hard to take it all in.  I was very lucky to have a friend in town as well, My dear Ludo.  

We had a marvelous time going from one adventure to the next.  He lives in Florence, where we met when I was in school, and spends the summer in Capri.  Lucky for me I get to tour around with a local!  Ludo works in fashion, so he was the one who recommended I have a pair of the famous Capri sandals especially made.  It's very interesting to see the craftsmen do their thing.  They measure your foot, you pick the style and color and voila! 

The scenery in Capri is what I love the most.  It is very inspirational to me.  The sky is like turquoise , the flowers are like pink sapphires and the greenery reminds me of my beloved emeralds.

 In Italy, and especially in Capri, if life gives you lemons, you make limoncello! We sampled some of this great aperitif, which is exclusive of the region and a very symbolic drink to the Italians. The special local lemons they use are called the "ovals of Sorrento" and are the key ingredient to everyones' favorite drink in Capri.  Stiff or whit ice, and even in the food, limoncello is definitely the locavores delight in town, not to mention the spirit of choice.

When talking about Capri I cannot forget to include the fashion aspect of this town.  The streets are lined with beautiful people waiting to see and be seen.  Famous for it's celebrity crowd, this hotspot is a place to be best dressed.  After all we are in a land of pretty things.  And nothing is prettier than a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can take with you on a special trip or mark an occasion. These gorgeous earrings have all the Capri colors I love in them.
Colori di Capri
Natural color sapphire chandelier earings in 18kt white gold

Simply gorgeous!

That's all of my Italy for today.  Next stop is Positano, which is fantastic in it's own right.  Stay tuned and don't forget to follow.  I know you are all reading.  I can see you!

Dani K

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