Ciao Italia! Parte Due

After our stop in Capri, we head on to Positano on the Amalfi coast.  Like Capri, Positano is perfect for a spring or summer visit.

This photo by Ludwig Hartman, my dear Ludo.
All other pics by me.
Just as sophisticated, but even a little more relaxed than Capri, Positano has beautiful Moorish architectural influences and Byzantine relics.  The best way to appreciate its beauty is by boat.  I took these pictures below when we were doing our expedition from the cruise.

As you can see above, the city was built vertically on the side of a mountain.  Even now, as I look at the people and the colorful vistas, I can still smell the salty sea air, and am inundated by the light aroma of the bougainvillea.  SO many beautiful things to see and be inspired by when I am near the ocean.  It really is natural therapy for the daily stress that can sometimes accumulate from living in such a bustling city like Miami.

Although it was originally known as a fishing village, Positano boasts greats shops.  An all time favorite spot for exquisite clothes and fun accessories is Creazioni Rachele pictured above.  In Positano you can shop by the sea, and have an amazing seafood feast along the Spiaggia Grande afterwards.  I definitely recommend it.

A haven for artists and writers, Positano has always had its share of the spotlight.  Mick Jaegger and the Stones wrote "Midnight Rambler" on the cafes that line the city streets.  There is a reason why this place is so inspirational and it probably cannot be expressed in words, as much as in the magical feeling you get when you are there being a part of it all.

 Lemon trees are abundant on the Amalfi Coast, and like in Capri, limonchello is the specialty drink in this town.   Lemons in general are widely used in the kitchens throughout Positano. You can see above, in two separate establishments, how the lemon is so very important to the regional cuisine.  From an adorable paninoteca to a fancy wine and liqueur shop, the lemon aspect is never missing.  All those lemons in fact make me think of the natural elements that are so vital in many of my designs.  See for yourself below.

Positano inspired.
Yellow saphires and diamonds in this gorgeous
pair of sexy earrings, as always handmade
in 18kt white gold.

Limonchello inspired. YUM!
Delicious hand carved natural lemon amber.
Complemented by South Sea pearls and yellow diamonds,
all handmade in 18kt yellow gold.
Thanks guys for traveling through Positano with me.  It was really a blast to remember my vacation and write this post for you.  As always, I hope that you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I leave you with another beautiful picture from this enchanting place.

Dani K

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