Mad About Jewelry

With 19 Emmy nominations combined, Mad Men has to be the hottest show on the planet. I love this show, and not just for the hot men or for it's amazing story-line, but also for its elegant and true to period costumes and jewelry.  One of my favorite periods of jewelry design is the 1950's and 60's and this show does a great job at showing these glamorous trends with absolute fidelity.

Although the men are handsome and debonaire, it's the ladies of Mad Men that have that special style that everyone wants.  Now you don't have to have access to costume designers to look like the ladies of Mad Men.  Here are my recommendations on how to copy the looks of the ladies of Mad Men.

Betty Draper:  This ice princess is always classic, always elegant.  Her signature is the chic 50's spoiled housewife look.  Only the classics (pearls, diamonds) for her.

Jewelry was very important in this period for women, especially for those in the upper classes.  Wether an anniversary gift from a loving husband or a tiara from her debut, this type of woman was always accezorized to the nines. My suggestions for this type of look are the following:

Fabulous diamond chandelier earrings,
hand made in 18kt white gold. 
Stunning cuff style bracelet of pear shaped aquamarine,
with diamond details hand made in 18kt white gold.
Haute jewelry!
South sea pearls never had it so good next to morganite, rose cut diamonds,
and more diamonds!  All hand made in Italy in rose and white 18kt gold.
Thanks Don!
Joan Holloway:  The temptress with the red hair is always wearing something sexy, so naturally her jewelry is always flashy and on trend.  Probably having bought all her jewelry herself, Joan goes for super flattering gold statement pieces, mostly without stones.

Even working girls can afford some luxury.  Joan would love any of bold pieces below.

Joan's classic:  floral themed pink tourmaline
earrings, with champagne diamonds and white
diamonds.  All handmade in rose 18kt gold.
To die for.
Fun and flirty, makes real flower jealous.
Ring in rose gold 18kt, diamonds and black
Tahitian pearl.

Dare to be different in this hand carved natural lemon amber.
Complemented by South Sea pearls and yellow diamonds,
all handmade in 18kt yellow gold.

Peggy Olsen:  This subdued gal from Brooklyn doesn't scrimp on style.  Even though she's a working girl on a budget, Peggy always has the right jewelry and accessories to complement her often serious outfits.

Smart and sassy, Peggy is always a fan of discrete pieces, like bracelets and earrings.  Any of these beautiful pieces would suit Peggy.  Take a look:

Naughty but nice.  Look chic and lovely in this white and golden
South Sea pearl necklace, with diamond ribbons hugging each
pearl.  Peggy would approve!
Dress them up or dress them down; every wardrobe should
include these beauties.
White, yellow and rose gold bangles, with baguette shaped
diamonds and celestial carvings. 
For the little girl inside you.
Quartz trifecta from left to right:
Black quartz, diamond and rose gold heart shaped earrings.
Indigo quartz, diamonds and rose gold butterfly shaped earrings.
Last but not least, mint quartz, diamonds and yellow gold,
heart shaped earring

Well, for those like me who are waiting patiently for the season premiere, I hope these pictures and looks tide you over till the first episode in 2012.

Dani K

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