Divine Gems and Their Magical Powers

The value of gems, precious metals and crystals has grown immensely in the last couple of years.  This is attributed to the discovery that they can be used for spiritual and health purposes.

The principal use of crystals in spirituality is a generator and director of energy.  It’s those energies that are used commonly to cure psychic and spiritual maladies.  However, what many people do not know, is that crystals, gems and metals have their own powers waiting to be unearthed. These secret powers have been found in antique writings, archeological sites and scrolls.

Ever since prehistoric times, humanity has found beauty, mystery and power tangled in gems.  These were probably used in the beginning as amulets to avert negative vibes or evil.  They were later used as offerings to deities to achieve blessings and fertility.

Lucky for us, today, a resurgence of the magical value of gems and metals has entered our collective subconscious. 

Gold is tied to divinity, with all the Sun Gods in particular. Throughout history gold has always been the chosen metal for the fabrication of sacred images and altar decorations.  Today we know that gold enhances a persons personal power, self-confidence and self esteem.  In addition, due to its incredible solar shine, it is deemed a protective metal.

Emeralds, for example, with their brilliant green tone, represent our planet and the goddess Venus. The powers attributed to emeralds are increased memory, ease in finding love, and if worn on the left arm, it is said to protect travelers.  No matter where I go, when I travel, I am always wearing an emerald ring on my finger.

Another travel protector is aquamarine.  But this time it’s more specific to sea voyages.  It is also known as a purifying gem, that aides in health problems, calming of fears and emotional problems.

Peridot is another gem with magical healing powers.  It is used especially in curing insect bites, in addition to being very calming and soothing.  It is said that peridot can help you sleep and rest easily.

These are only a few of the gems with magical powers.  Like everything that nature offers, precious metals, crystals and gems have their special qualities.  Stay tuned for more of these informative articles.  I love designing jewelry and love to know everything about the magic behind the gems that I use.  The other thing I adore is sharing this with you.

Dani K

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