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When it comes to jewelry, Jennifer Lopez can only remind of one thing: Diva. Always glamorous, JLO never disappoints in the accessories department.  Look at the picture below; what a gorgeous woman, framed in a fantastic piece of jewelry.

Flawless!  This shape is very flattering, especially if you are trying to highlight a lovely decollete, or dress with a pretty neckline.  To get this look try this one of a kind piece from my collection.

Sexy drop shaped aquamarine, with double diamond frame in
perfect combination with golden South Sea pearls, morganite,
and rose cut diamonds. Handmade in 18kt white gold.
Always preferring jewels that complement her Latina coloring, JLO is never shy about bringing on the glam,  and trying different things.  She can go from sexy to chic in the drop of a hat.

These pearl earrings are brand new to Daniella Kronfle Jewelry (get the before the go), and are reminiscent of this look above. These beauties would look great for any special occasion, although you don't need it to be an even to wear these.  Some of my fabulous clients wear their bling even to the grocery store.  Talk about living the dream!

Black Tahitian pearls, natural yellow diamonds, and white diamonds
make for this haute jewelry piece that is to die for!

The critics and I don't always agree with her fashion choices, but love her or hate her, La Lopez's jewelry choices are always sublime.  

If you want to reinvent a look like the one above why not try these on for size.

Rare and exotic.  Rose cut diamond solitaires and pigeons' blood
pear shaped rubies.  All handmade in 18kt white gold.
One of Jen's favorite looks, is the often photographed chandelier earrings she wears.   These two are one of my favorite looks on her.  I would be smiling too, if I was wearing such hot pieces. 

Longer earrings like these are great for lengthening a round or oval shaped face.  They also create an illusion of a longer neckline, making the wearer appear taller and more slender.  Having an idea of what her taste is like, I think Jennifer would look great in any of these.

Brand new and one of a kind, 
pair of oval shaped ruby solitaire chandelier style
earrings, surrounded by rubies, pink tourmaline, and pink
sapphires, all accented by heavenly diamonds, and
hand made in 18kt white gold.

Gorgeous white South Sea pearls, morganite, kunzite, and rose cut
diamond earrings.  Delicate and bold at the same time! 
Jennifer Lopez is an style inspiration for any woman, especially us Latinas. Her career has paved the way for many young international starlets, and her fashion is powerful inspiration for women around the globe. 

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Loving all my followers and friends of the blog.

Dani K

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