I WILL! Engagement Rings

Every woman,  whether she admits it or not, has been dreaming about her prince charming and eternal love since she was a little girl.   It makes you wonder how long this tradition of engagement and wedding rings has been around.  With June being the official  start of wedding season here in the US, I think it’s very apropos that I delve into that a little bit this week.  So let’s check it out, shall we?

Before every wedding, there is an engagement and before every engagement there is an engagement ring.  This tradition has been around since the Romans, where the bethroted exchanged a steel ring as a symbol of their upcoming nuptials.

The ring was used in the fourth finger on the left hand because supposedly there is a vain—the vena amoris—that runs from that finger straight to the heart.

Engagement rings come in a variety of styles, with the most popular being the solitaire.  This gem, usually a diamond, can be in different cuts or shapes ranging from round to rectangular to emerald.  A very popular cut these days is the princess cut, which is a square cut, but there is also room for others such as oval and heart shaped.

The style of the ring says very much about the women who wears it.  A woman with contemporary style will more than likely prefer a classic solitaire.  A more woman with classic yet avant guard tastes will prefer a three diamond ring, while a modern bride will prefer the eternity band. 

I designed the first ring with the beautiful diamond detail around the classic solitaire to give it a modern twist. Also called the illusion ring, the small diamonds chain around the solitaire also serve a purpose: to frame the solitaire and make it appear bigger.  Something any girl would love.

The third ring, the three diamond ring has three smaller diamonds flanking a gorgeous square cut diamond.  These three signify the couples past, present, and future together.
The three engagement bands above are the perfect example of a more modern style.  These are known as eternity bands, like I mentioned above, and very popular these days.  The diamonds in the same size going around the band signify eternal love, which has no beginning or end. 

Any of these styles can be custom designed with the bride to be her preferred cut.  They can be made of white or yellow gold, and of course in platinum, which is more costly, but totally worth it.

As far as traditions go, engagement rings are one that is here to stay, since they have and always will be an important signifier of eternal love.

My next post will be about wedding rings so stay tuned!

Dani K

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