My Favorite Summer Trend: Turquoise

I love turquoise for the summer.  Modern, fresh, and elegant, every woman should own at least one piece as part of her collection.  I love it alone or combined with other precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies.

One of my favorite combinations is turquoise and sapphire.
Here it is in these 18kt white gold hoops.
They are to die for!
Turquoise is know as the summer gem for its ocean-like greenish-blue hue, signifying the union between the sky and sea. Turquoise is very valuable and its beauty has mystified cultures for centuries.  Introduced to the West by the Cruzades, it gets its name from the Europeans who called it "turquoise" because it came from Turkey.

I simply adore this piece!
Dome shaped turquoise ring with diamonds in 18kt rose gold.

The Egyptians used it extensively, and the Aztecs and Toltec civilizations decorated their jewelry and masks in it.

Turquoise hasn't only been revered for its amazing beauty; certain civilizations have even attributed to the gem magical powers. The Navajo, Apache and Pueblo tribes used them as good luck charms.  Persians thought turquoise would protect them from death.

The best turquoise is the one whose color is sky blue, without any imperfections.  It's know as "Persian Turquoise " (above) because it comes from Iran.  There are also mines in Australia, Egypt, Mexico and The U.S. that produce beautiful gems as well.

The gorgeous earrings will take you from day to night.
Fabulous drop shaped turquoise with diamonds in 18kt rose gold.

Like I said before, turquoise, with all its calm and coolness, is the perfect stone for summer.  Any of the pieces I show above go from day to night, and can take you from afternoon drinks at SOHO House to dinner out in the Design District.  The color and texture looks perfect paired with anything from gauzy tops and shorts to a sexy evening dress.  I'm definitely into turquoise this summer.  Hope you are too!

Dani K

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