Have a Charmed Christmas!

Christmas is a very popular time for gifting jewels, and this year is no different. In the last couple of weeks I have been giving you previews of what's new, and today I will do the same with the introduction to a new gem I have been working with, the beautiful and rare Purple Quartz.

Purple Quartz is a rather popular Quartz among nobles because the color is suppose to represent royalty or regality. The Purple Quartz varies from a gentle lavender to a dark, dark violet. At times, the Quartz can appear almost black, and it may at times be cloudy. The lighter varieties are rarely cloudy, and tend to represent belief and goal, while the darker versions represent power and leadership, and intermediate shades represent vision and spiritual growth. As you know, I'm inspired by all things "royal," so working with this gem on my "Charmed" collection is a very natural thing.
For the new additions to my "Charmed" pieces, I went with the "Papillon" or butterfly earrings and necklace. As usual they are finished with fabulous white diamonds, and the setting and chain are 18kt rose gold. Rose gold is very popular right now because of how great it looks on every skin tone. I love the combination of pink and purple, so I chose them together because they are very complementary to each other. Look how beautiful the purple quartz pieces are with all different color backgrounds, including leopard below. Now that's versatile!
The color purple has many amazing qualities. For starters it can be very helpful for meditation and any spiritual matters. In color therapy, purple and violet are used for transformation, which in these pieces, goes hand in hand with the mythology of the butterfly. If anything these beautiful earrings and necklace are symbolic of change and moving forward in a positive way.

My jewels and designs are not just beautiful and fun to wear, they also have to have a deeper meaning, something spiritual behind their inspiration. For these pieces I chose the purple quartz and the butterfly together because of the connection that the gem and the fauna motif have with each other. Together these two beautiful themes take these fabulous earrings and necklace to another level.

Love Alw
Dani K

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