All About Pave Style Jewery

Jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. Pave jewelry, however, is very distinctive in appearance because it has been very closely set with gems so that hardly any of the metal is showing. The pave style's combination of small gemstones and setting technique create the illusion of a field of gems that blend into one another, as I show here in these beautiful pieces in multicolored fancy diamonds ranging in hues from chocolate to champagne. 

When referring to jewelry, the "setting" refers to the technique used to secure the gemstone. There a many setting styles used to create jewelry. Pave jewelry makes use of the bead setting method.

To set a gemstone using the bead method, a jeweler drills small holes in the metal where the gem will sit. The gem is then mounted in the hole and small "beads" of metal are pushed up around the edges of the gem to secure it in place. Any gemstone, regardless of size, can be bead set.

Pave jewelry (pronounced pah-VAY) is gemstone jewelry that has many small, bead-set gems placed very close together. The intent is to create a gemstone pattern where the least amount of metal shows. Considerable skill is required to do this competently.

To create a pave setting, a jeweler pierces the metal with many holes in a honeycomb pattern. After setting the stones in the holes, the jeweler uses a bead setting to secure them. The end result is a jewelry piece that appears to be paved in gemstones like these fabulous pieces from my new collection.

I decided to use this type of setting for these pieces because I liked the richness that pave gives the jewelry, especially for Fall jewelry pieces. I can already see these paired with a cashmere sweater and white jeans, along with some ballet flats in a camel color--something very simple, chic and classic to give an opportunity to the starry-like pieces to shine on.

When it come to cleaning pave jewelry is a bit different from cleaning other types of jewelry. They recommend the use of fine, gentle brushes as well as commercially available soaking solutions and jewelry cleaners.

Alternatively, you can opt to have your pave piece professionally steam cleaned. Steam cleaning is considered the easiest method for removing the dirt and grime that collects in the many small nooks and crevices of pave jewelry.

Hope you enjoyed learning all bout pave style settings and looking at these beautiful new pieces from my new collection.  

Love Always

Dani K

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