Spring: The Future is Bright

Happy New Year my gems! Hope you had a fabulous time with your friends and family, and that 2013 brings you joy and happiness to you and yours. I know Christmas and New Year's is barely gone, but I am already looking forward to Spring...trends that is.  And just so you know the future is bright. Here are my top three statement rings for 2013...

Spring and the resort collections are always a welcomed change because we are all hungover from all the wintery blacks and glittery party clothes and the accessories that go with them.  By this time of the year, I am ready to never see red or green ever again.  Don't get me wrong, I do love Christmas and all the festivities that come with it, but by January I'm sure we are all saturated and waiting for a new beginning. 

I have, and you might have also as well, checked out what is new for spring this year and all the designers agree on one trend: bright colors. Wether they be pastels, neons or your classic basics, this spring is blooming with bright colors and big statement pieces as far as jewelry is concerned.  Lucky for you, my collection is full of amazing pieces that are on trend, so here are my top picks: the Soleil ring, the Gardenia ring and my always popular Papillon ring. 

Soleil is sun in French, a language and culture that I adore, and the ring is very representative of the luminosity and power of the sun.   Many cultures around the world have myths regarding the sun and its importance in our lives.  One that I am especially keen on is the sun as god creator, and of course the idea of the sun being the center of it all. This ring was created with the thought that if the woman wearing walks into a room, she will immediatly be the center of attention. So far I am convinced that this is true. The ring is so unique that it makes a big statement everywhere I wear it.

The gorgeous Soleil ring

Made of a single piece of hand-carved fire opal, my Soleil ring is as fabulous as it is wearable. Surrounded by a band of diamonds and a band of sparkly pink sapphires, my darling Soleil  has a beautiful coloration that is sure to please any fashionable woman and go with a myriad of fabulous outfits. As you can see in the pictures above and below, it goes well with prints like leopard, jeans or even a gauzy white dress. I love it with navy, hot pink and fall hues like olive green, mustard yellow and muted browns.

For this season's Papillon ring I tried something a little different.  In this version the delicate butterfly wings are designed in sliced pink tourmaline, a gem credited with the power to enhance one's understanding, increase self confidence, and aid in concentration and communication.  Tourmaline is also known to amplify one's psychic energies because it emits an actual electrical charge. If that is not enough, tourmaline also aids in relaxing the body and the mind, as well as helping with anxiety.

Although the pink tourmaline wings are beautiful on their own, nothing could complement them better than the champagne and canary diamonds that I chose to surround them.  If you look closely you can see my intricate design, which matches that of a true papillon.  Diamonds are always beautiful, and add value to a piece of jewelry. They also add powerful mythology and history.

This beautiful ring is finished in 18 kt rose gold, which is the hottest thing in jewelry since diamonds actually.  The rise in popularity of rose gold is due to the beautiful hue that jewelers have achieved the last couple of years.

Although gardenias are usually white, the gardenia of my imagination is mostly attached to its aroma, which translates to me as a hot pink flower, surrounded by azure blue leaves.  My interpretation is more of an illusion of what this iconic smell represents, rather than the actual look of the flower. Powerful and unforgettable, my Gardenia ring will make you noticed as soon as you enter the room, and anyone that you meet will keep you in their memory forever.

The blue gems of the Gardenia ring are cabochon cut blue sapphires. The hot pink leaves are also sapphires but of the pink variety, while the white in the leaves comes to us courtesy of classic white diamonds. The ring is set in two tones of 18kt gold, rose and white, and its intricate details are all hand made by some of the world's most talented artisans.

My dear gems, hope you are as excited for 2013 as I am.  This year is full of promise and hope, and I wish you as much joy as possible. My Soleil, Gardenia and Papillon rings are perfect for celebrating the new year. 

Love Always
Dani K

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