Miss Continente Americano 2012

Hello my gems!  Hope you had an awesome weekend.  Mine was pretty spectacular. As I mentioned on Friday, I am in Ecuador for the pageant Miss Continente Americano, and like I promised last friday, I am back today with the rest of the story regarding this fantastic pageant.

The contestants and me at the presentation
of the lovely pageant crown

Being one of the judges, as well as the official designer of the crown, I had a very busy weekend.  I had already met the contestants at the presentation of the crown, and I loved them all.  From Canada to Argentina, all the girls were so humble and genuine and most importantly, so very friendly.  They all tried on the crown, and were in love with the pink topaz and its subtle color. By Friday, I was already torn apart by having to make that important decision, so you can only imagine how nervous I was on Saturday night.

When I arrived to the Crystal Palace that evening, the beautiful remodeled old market where the event was to take place, the smiles and the faces of the contestants dance in my head full of question marks.  When the evening was over there were no more queries. The winner could only be one of the girls, and it was clear that Camila Serakides, the representative from Brasil, was going to take the crown.  Here she is nervously wearing the tiara designed by me, right after she found out she was the winner...

The new Miss Continente Americano,
Brasil's Camila Serakides

This delicate tiara was made of 24 grams of 18kt white gold, 105 grams of pure silver, gorgeous pink topaz (70.00cts) and flawless white sapphires (55.00cts).  Some of the world's finest craftsmen and women worked together to make this crown as perfect as can be. Here is a draft of my original design, so you guys can see all the beautiful details.  

And here is a close up of this phenomenal crown...

After the night was finished, and all was said and done, the event turned out to be unforgettable. I always say I'm very proud of my country and this night only made that feeling more intense.  This pageant is yet another of the many reasons why I love were I'm from and, even though I'm not living there at the moment, why I am so proud to be Ecuadorian.  

The execution of the event was great, the special guests were fabulous and the company was sublime.  I was so happy that one of my fellow judges was my great friend, the lovely Isabel Bucaram, so, of course, we ended up having an amazing time.  If I get any new pictures I will put them up as soon as I get them.

Love Always
Dani K

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