Movie Report: Lola Versus

Last weekend I finally saw the highly anticipated (at least for my friends and me) Lola Versus with the super lovely Greta Gerwig.  Happy to say  Lola did not disappoint.  The story follows Gerwig as Lola, a seemingly perfect 29 year old PHD student, about to be married to her dream lover.  Without giving too much away, I'll tell you the pair don't make it to the altar, but it does set the premise for a very amusing and honest film.

Dumped by her fiance, and angsty about turning thirty, Lola goes on what can only be described as a downward spiral of booze, partying and pity.  Her friend Alice, who is played by the very funny and talented Zoe Lister Jones (she also co-wrote the screenplay),  is a source of unconditional support and together they get over Lola's harrowing experience. 

Lola and her best friend Alice above and 
with her best friend Henry below

Another character that I liked was Lola's other BFF, Henry, played by a mop-haired Hamish Linklater.  He love's her so much that he doesn't mind being her rebound guy, and so begins her romance with her best friend, who is also her ex- fiancé's close friend.  Even though their relationship is cutesy, it's never better than we they are actually being friends.  I really hated this plot twist, but I guess it's all for the sake of the story. 

Unfortunately for Lola, her and Henry weren't really made for each other, and she has to move from the familiar to the creepy in order to get her groove back. One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when she goes out on a date with Nick, a slightly sketchy older man that she met at a deli, and who brings a very comedic touch to the movie.  Nick is played by Ebon Moss Bachrach, who I had never seen before, but was one of the least forgettable things in this movie.

Meeting creepy Nick a the deli

And yes I did say forgettable because the movie was another rom com, however this film was wrapped in indie gift-wrapping paper, and tied up together with witty and smart dialogue. It was very funny and completely adorable, but I would not hand out Oscars just yet.  

Lola Versus does work, and the main reason it does is the very watchable Gerwig.  It's hard to keep your eyes of her super expressive face. She really inhabits the role of Lola and comes across almost as likable as Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.  Now Clueless was a way better film and one of my favorites ever, but Gerwig reminded me of her throughout the film and that's a complement. 

This movie is not something you want to take your boyfriend to.  He would kill you.  It is however a funny and interesting film that portrays a year in the life of a girl who is ready to be on her own. I give it two thumbs up and recommend it for an date with your friends.  The one's who would help pick up the pieces if your man dumps you at the altar.

Love Always
Dani K

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